EnGenius EWS356-FIT Indoor Wireless Wi-Fi 6 Access Point Review

EnGenius EWS356-FIT Indoor Wireless Wi-Fi 6 Access Point



The EnGenius EWS356-FIT Indoor Wireless Wi-Fi 6 Access Point is a prime example of a device that balances performance, ease-of-use, and cost-effectiveness. Designed for small businesses, it is a versatile solution to secure, high-speed connectivity without the burden of heavy capital or operating expenses.

Featuring dual concurrent 802.11ax architecture, the EWS356-FIT provides backward compatibility with 11ac/a/b/g/n client devices. It supports up to 1,200 Mbps in the 5-GHz frequency band and 574 Mbps in the 2.4-GHz frequency band. This impressive performance underlines the device’s ability to cater to high-traffic environments while maintaining reliable and stable connections.

One key attribute of the EWS356-FIT is its cloud or on-premises management options. Administrators can choose based on network architecture and permissions, enabling flexibility and customization according to specific needs. The accompanying EnGenius FitXpress mobile app makes remote monitoring and troubleshooting straightforward, with real-time system metrics, analytics, and remote configurations. This feature, combined with the device’s quick-scan register and simple setup process, helps reduce the technical expertise required to manage the network.

The EWS356-FIT incorporates advanced Wi-Fi 6 features such as Uplink and Downlink OFDMA for improved transmission, Target Wake Time for power-saving of client & IoT devices, and BSS coloring for distinguishing between adjacent basic service sets. These features ensure optimal signal and reception reliability, enhancing overall network performance.

EnGenius EWS356-FIT Indoor Wireless Wi-Fi 6 Access Point Review

EnGenius EWS356-FIT Indoor Wireless Wi-Fi 6 Access Point Review

The device comes with a power adapter, and it is also compatible with standard PoE IEEE 802.11af, as clarified by EnGenius Support in response to customer inquiries. However, potential users should note that the physical dimensions and location of the RJ45 jack differ from other models in the EnGenius line, potentially impacting cable visibility when mounted.

The EWS356-FIT’s coverage is another selling point. EnGenius Support suggests that it can cover more than 2000+ sq ft., making it suitable for most small businesses. However, some users have reported difficulties when trying to set up the same SSID for both 5 and 2.4Gh radios, indicating that it might be more effective to separate them.

The device also supports multiple SSID’s with VLANs, as mentioned by a user named William Garnes, making it easier to manage different network segments within a business. However, a user named M Chagnon reported complications during the setup process, suggesting that less tech-savvy users might need assistance.

Despite these minor concerns, the EnGenius EWS356-FIT Indoor Wireless Wi-Fi 6 Access Point stands out as a reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective solution for small businesses. Its blend of advanced Wi-Fi 6 features, flexible management options, and robust performance make it a commendable choice for businesses looking to upgrade their wireless networks.

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