ENACFIRE E90 Wireless Earbuds Review

ENACFIRE E90 Wireless Earbuds



The ENACFIRE E90 Wireless Earbuds can play music with extra deep bass and rich details.

ENACFIRE E90 Wireless Earbuds Review

They arrived in a nice white case which is held closed with a magnet, the lid flips open and is held open with a very light spring. The case closes with a nice click and I often find myself opening and clicking closed the case as if it was a fidget device. The earbuds themselves are also held inside the case with a magnet so they don’t go flying towards the ground if you open the case the wrong way.

The fit of the earbuds is amazing, I have never had a pair of earbuds stay inside my ear so well, usually, they start slipping out after half an hour. I used the default medium tips and no matter how much shaking of my head or running, the buds stay perfectly seated.

ENACFIRE E90 Wireless Earbuds Review

Battery life is very good, I find it comes very close to the advertised battery life and they charge up quick. There are 4 lights on the front which light up to show how much battery life is left in the case, and then it quickly flips to a charging indicator where the far left and far-left lights indicate whether the buds are charging.

The sound quality is top-notch, I have used a lot of earbuds in this range and even wired headsets. But, these are close to the top. Sound is subjective but I would say it leans towards more of a slight heavy bass with nominal mids and nominal highs. Call audio quality is very good with the buds sounding very clear, the microphone on the earbuds is average, it’s about the same as the Apple Airpods, which means its good, but it is not going to blow you away in terms of a high-quality mic.

I am so glad this pair has aptX because the latency of my old buds was making movies, TV shows, and games almost unwatchable/unplayable. The sound quality difference between standard A2DP and aptX (I can pick the codec in my Samsung device) but the latency reduction makes a huge difference. A lot of Bluetooth earbuds skip out on aptX because it is a license fee directly to Qualcomm but it is worth it here.

Overall, the ENACFIRE E90 Wireless Earbuds are some of the best fitting and best sounding earbuds I have ever tried. I don’t have much criticism for it aside from some slight improvements in call quality, and the touch controls are sometimes annoying if you accidentally touch them with your hand.

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