Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 Earbuds Review

Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 Earbuds



The true wireless earbud market has never been more competitive, with countless brands vying for the top spot. Edifier, a well-regarded name in the audio world, has put forth its Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 with an array of features to attract the discerning listener. After spending ample time with these earbuds, I’ve gathered my thoughts to help you determine if they deserve a spot in your collection.

The earbuds promise up to 42dB of noise reduction, which is a significant claim. In practice, the active noise cancellation works decently, allowing users to customise their listening environment through the companion app. However, compared to some competitors, its noise-cancelling capability is about average for the price range.

Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 Earbuds Review

Undoubtedly, one of the standout features of the Pro 2 is its sound quality. Thanks to its titanized composite diaphragm, the earbuds truly deliver on their promise of CD-level sound. The bass is expressive, with rich textures and impact, particularly when switching between the various presets available in the app. The mids, though slightly recessed, still offer a wide and enjoyable soundscape. However, the highs leave something to be desired. A persistent fuzziness in the upper highs suggests that the earbuds might be stretching beyond their capabilities in this frequency range.

Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 Earbuds Review

Edifier has managed to strike a delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and ergonomic design. The earbuds nestle comfortably in the ear, providing a secure fit that’s ideal for extended listening sessions. The design takes cues from some of the market leaders but does enough to stand on its own.

One of the earbuds’ standout features is their intelligent ear detection, ensuring your music pauses and plays as you remove or wear them. This worked flawlessly. However, the touch controls can be a hit or miss—sometimes being overly sensitive and at other times unresponsive. That said, the Bluetooth connection is solid and reliable, with the earbuds pairing quickly.

Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 Earbuds Review

With a battery life promising up to 24 hours, the Pro 2 certainly doesn’t disappoint. However, it’s worth noting that with the ANC turned on, this figure significantly decreases, which might be a factor to consider for those always on the go.

The Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 earbuds offer a lot for their price point. With excellent sound quality, particularly in the bass and mid regions, a comfortable fit, and decent battery life, they stand out in a crowded market. While there are a few areas of improvement, particularly in the high frequencies and the touch controls, they’re a solid choice for those looking for quality without breaking the bank.

The Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 manages to offer a balanced blend of style, comfort, and sound quality, making it a worthy contender in the wireless earbud market.

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