Edifier Shows Comprehensive Speaker Range at CES 2020

At CES 2020 Edifier, prominent designer and award-winning manufacturer of consumer audio electronics for both the lifestyle and multimedia markets, exhibits its latest speaker ranges in its Home Entertainment, Record store, Airpulse and Portable categories.

Edifier Shows Comprehensive Speaker Range at CES 2020

This year the Edifier stand will be divided into 4 main room sets to show its speakers off to maximum advantage. For example, in the Home Entertainment area, Edifier have arranged a room to emulate the use of speakers in the living room, home cinema, study etc. In this area, Edifier have showcased its most successful launch of 2019 – the S3000 Pro. This model typifies the future direction of Edifier – to be the company known for manufacturing products that combine the latest technology with high audio quality and affordability

Edifier Shows Comprehensive Speaker Range at CES 2020

The Edifier S3000Pro integrates the concept of 5.8G wireless left-right connections, high standard Xmos decoder and left-right independent main speakers.

While High Sound Quality is the fundamental factor of HiFi-level speakers, the S3000Pro employs a high-resolution planar diaphragm tweeter, featuring high resolution, small distortion and fast transient response, which is mostly used for HiFi speakers over 2,000 dollars. The S3000Pro is available at SRP £589, which perfectly represents Edifier’s value — top quality audio for the masses not just for audiophiles.

Also, on display in the Home Entertainment area are the latest A300 Pro, under the sub-brand AIRPULSE and positioned as HIFI speakers. 

In the Record Store, the main products on display include several versions of the popular 2.0 desktop/bookshelf speakers as well as AIRPULSE’s new small desktop speaker the A80 and integrated desktop speaker the P100, which represent Edifier’s multi-form, multi-level exploration of the desktop speakers. In addition, there will also be some innovations with our newly upgraded 2.0 bookshelf speaker’s series, which have been added a SUB OUT interface for connecting an Edifier independent subwoofer T5 to provide a high-quality listening experience.

In the AIRPUSLE zone, several AIRPULSE products are showcased, including the A300, A200 and A100.

In the Portable Speakers area, Edifier have introduced new products in completely different forms, including MP380, MP260, MB300, MP120, MS30A, etc. At the same time, Edifier have also licensed a “minions” series of portable speakers and TWS earbuds. That is an active attempt to collaborate with different categories and represents one of our directions in the coming year.

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