Edifier S351DB Bookshelf Speakers Editor Review

Edifier S351DB Bookshelf Speakers Editor



Unfortunately, it is very difficult to obtain manufacturer information on this Edifier S351DB Bookshelf Speakers. Nevertheless, I dared to place an order. The processing is, according to my expectation nourished by numerous reviews of Edifier products, good to very good. The speakers seem worthy. Due to the weight and the anti-slip “feet”, they are firm and secure. I was surprised by the weight of the satellites and the two thick and long, but completely different built and designed speaker cables (incl. Boxes and plugs) from the sub to the satellites.

Edifier S351DB Bookshelf Speakers Editor Review

Not only because of the colour but also because of the more beautiful remote control, I decided against the S350DB (brown decor) and the S351DB (black decor). But the remote control is for me the most disappointing in the product, which leads to a point deduction here. Not only do the keys not have a nice pressure point and they are difficult to read, especially the fact that you always have to direct them to the receiver, as otherwise no signals are transmitted, which represents an inadequate solution compared to the other quality.

I bought the set only for the PC and will possibly. have the smartphone rendered as a source from time to time. Operating a rental house will not simply push the limits of the performance of this set. However, the previous hearing impression was unmistakable. With the sub, I have to get out of o. g. Reasons to exercise restraint, but the middle and heights are already well above the level of conventional systems for 100 to 150 €. Pity that this set does not connect via Bluetooth via the S360DB sub. This would allow the relatively large sub independent of satellites and PC somewhere else resp. place freely in the room.

I’ve been a HiFi enthusiast all my life but did not know Edifier until now. I find the very wide product range very welcome. However, I find some sets quite old-fashioned designed, especially when dark brown veneer and copper-coloured capes are used. Nevertheless, I do not regret the acquisition, as even after a very long search I could not find anything better then the Edifier S351DB Bookshelf Speakers. The quality of the reproduction is certainly far above average in terms of price, and that is where it should essentially arrive.

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