Edifier R1850DB Bookshelf Speakers Review

Edifier R1850DB Bookshelf Speakers



With the Edifier R1850DB Bookshelf Speakers, Edifier is bringing back old school design with the latest technology. The R1850DB is an active 2.0 bookshelf speaker system designed at a 10-degree angle to accurately direct sound to you in the luxurious MDF wooden enclosure geared to minimise acoustic resonance. The mid-woofer output produces quality sound and performance. The bass vibrates any room or space it inhabits, creating an ideal atmosphere for entertaining. The R1850DB is classic and fun with the latest Bluetooth technology allowing playtime from phones, tablets or laptops. When thinking of the R1850DB bookshelf speakers the first thing that comes to mind is a balance; the perfect balance of function and design.

Edifier R1850DB Bookshelf Speakers Review

Edifier R1850DB Bookshelf Speakers Spec

  • Frequency Response 60Hz-20KHz
  • Total Power Output:RMS 16Wx2 + 19Wx2
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:⩾85dBA
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:0.5%
  • Input Sensitivity:PC:700±50mV
  • AUX: 550±50mV
  • Tweeter: Φ19mm silk dome, 6ohm
  • Subwoofer: 4″Φ116mm 6ohm
  • Dimension(Active Speaker): 154x254x224mm(w x h x d)
  • Net Weight: 6.63kg

Along with the speakers you get 15ft cable to connect the speakers, a 3.5mm to RCA cable and an RCA to RCA cable. There is a remote, which can change the volume of the speaker independently. From taking out of the box to playing music, took around 15 mins.

They come in a cool shiny black finish, with the Edifier logo on the front. They are big, and may not fit onto my bookshelves. I am a fan of the angle of the speaker, to allow for sound to travel more directly. The cover can be removed to display the drivers. I am a fan of this look, but you can keep the cover on if needed.

Edifier R1850DB Bookshelf Speakers Review

The back of the speaker can take an AUX, RCA, optical, and coaxial cable. You can also connect via Bluetooth. The back also features controls for treble, bass, and volume.

Overall the sound feels steady and I didn’t experience any distortions at high volume. I did find the bass was lacking a bit, so you may have to think about adding an extra sub-woofer.

Edifier R1850DB Bookshelf Speakers Review

The Edifier R1850DB is a great all-round set of speakers. They have a great finish to them and offer the option for an extra sub-woofer to be added. Finally, check out our other audio reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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