Edifier K815 Gaming Headset Review

Edifier K815 Gaming Headset



Gaming is an adventure and without the right sound, you miss half of it. The Edifier K815 Gaming Headset is equipped with 40mm NdFeb drivers to produce a strong bass and clearer sound. You’ll be able to hear the person trying to sneak up behind you. Not only do these speakers sound amazing but also look chic.

Edifier K815 Gaming Headset Review

A silver-plated siding adds striking detail to the K815 paired with a high gloss black or white ear cup. Control the sound and the microphone from the wire. No need to leave your screen to adjust volume, simply use the inline mic/remote. The K815 has one single connector for both earphone and mic. It is the newest standard for laptops such as the Apple Macbook, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and Asus, etc.

Edifier K815 Gaming Headset Specifications:

  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance: 40Ω
  • Sound pressure level: 91+/-3dB
  • Sensitivity: -42dB+/-3dB
  • Microphone direction: Single point
  • Connector: USB-A plug

The Edifier K815 Gaming Headset is wired and comes with a USB cable, allowing me to connect to my laptop. Compared to Bluetooth headphones, I found this kind of connection best and didn’t have any issues. 

The only weird thing was there was a section in the cable, that houses a single LED. The indicator light gives a visual indication of the headphone’s status at a glance. On is blue and red is when the mic is muted. The problem is that you have to mute the mic via the PC, so you already know its muted. Quite frankly an unnecessary addition, and quite annoying when on a call.

The headset only weighs 212g, also its equipped with soft skin-friendly leather earmuffs, making it super comfortable to wear. I found these help cancel out surrounding noise for the ultimate atmosphere. With a microphone allowing you to interact with fellow gamers and high-quality headphones, you can enjoy crystal clear audio.

As mentioned there are no controls at all on the headset, and everything has to be done via the computer you are plugged into.

The sound quality was excellent, those 40mm NdFeb drivers pump out the sound. The noise-blocking pads are awesome and keep all the music in and all the background sounds out. They feel comfortable on the head and I have worn them for 7 hours or so in one sitting.

Voices are incredibly crisp and action sequences explode inside my head. The omnidirectional microphone is easy to use, and when doing Skype calls with France, people had no problem hearing me at all.

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