Edifier GX High-fidelity Gaming Headset Review

Edifier GX High-fidelity Gaming Headset



Designed for professional gamers as well as amateurs. With a 3.5mm audio jack, USB, and Type-C Interface, the Edifier GX High-fidelity Gaming Headset supports PS4, PC, Xbox One, PS5, and Mobile Phones, which satisfies your strict needs on sound levels.

With a 50 mm titanium membrane and 96KHz /24bits decoding Hi-Res, it has excellent audio precision and clarity, wide soundstage, and deep bass for every detail in-game and music mode.

Edifier GX High-fidelity Gaming Headset Review

Noise-canceling dual-mic ensures sound experience. Large plush earmuffs and ergonomic headband design keep you comfortable when you wear them for a long time. 8 cool RGB lighting effects hit your style.

The dual-microphone of the Gx gaming headset offers an excellent noise-cancelling experience. Ambient noise can be effectively filtered out to enhance gaming sound.

The built-in 50mm titanium driver is professionally tested by Edifier’s R&D department for a pristine gaming experience. The Hi-Res audio certification and the 96KHz/24-bit high resolution decoding transmission together bring you a high-fidelity sound quality.

You can easily switch between the gaming and music modes, and turn the LED mode on or off by tapping the button on the earmuffs. Three different lighting options are available to choose from to personalize the headset.

Also, the gaming headset applies skin-friendly materials for headbands and breathable leather for earmuffs. The overall headphone is lightweight so you won’t feel any pressure when wearing the headset.

Overall, the Edifier GX High-fidelity Gaming Headset is a great looking and sound gaming headset.

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