Edifier G2000 PC Computer Speakers Review

Edifier G2000 PC Computer Speakers



The Edifier G2000 PC Computer Speakers deliver powerful bass, clear trebles and sufficient volume to fill a small room. Now you can immerse yourself while watching movies, playing games or listening to your favourite music.

G2000 has a small size, 106x 105x 130mm, which was built in a unique column-shape, 10° elevation and 0.65L cavity, taking less space but still delivering premium sound. Customize your desktop with RGB lights and switch between 12 lights setups with a push of a button. Providing you with a big visual and sound feast.

Easy to control volume by mechanical shift lever with RGB light effect switch and sound effect switch, plus a dedicated power adapter for stable and safe power supply.

Edifier G2000 PC Computer Speakers Review

Edifier G2000 PC Computer Speakers Review

The speakers are connected by a non-detachable cable, which I found rather annoying as I’d like the option to move the speakers around a bit more. They are housed in matte black plastic with rounded edges all around. They feel exceptionally solid and can’t be tipped over by my wandering cat. The back of the main speaker has ports for USB-A, an AUX-in cable, a subwoofer out AUX, and power. The side of that speaker has buttons and toggles which change the input (AUX, USB, or Bluetooth) and adjust the audio settings for gaming, music, or movie modes.

The RGB panels are on the sides and both of the speakers. They arrive in blue, but the colour can be changed. You can change the colours by long-pressing the EQ button. This can be slightly fiddly when you accidentally change the EQ mode. It has decent bass with 8W of power. I was really suprised by how good they sound. Picking different EQ modes really made a difference. For added bass there is an option to connect a subwoofer if needed. The lows, mids, and highs with these speakers are great across the board and never sound tinny.

Overall, the Edifier G2000 PC Computer Speakers are a great looking, ok sounding set for your gaming set-up.

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