Edifier G2 II Cat Ear PC Gaming Headphones Review

Edifier G2 II Cat Ear PC Gaming Headphones



The Edifier G2 II Cat Ear PC Gaming Headphones are uniquely designed for all the gamers out there. With remarkable surround sound quality, G2 II renders accurate positional sound, which provides gamers with an extraordinary gaming experience. Make your Avatar stand out in a game with quick reflexes supported by these “cat ears”.

With pink outlooking and detachable cat ear shape, this headset will step up you gaming look to the new level of kawaiI. Provides high quality audio realism for in-game immersion by providing accurate spatial audio information beyond standard 7.1 surround sound directional cues.

Realistic bass and clear sound for truly gaming expirience and superior audio and a realistic gaming experience. 50mm driver provides deep, powerful bass and a balanced soundscape. You can hear every detail from the faint sound of footsteps, bringing you vivid sound field, sound clarity.

Edifier G2 II Cat Ear PC Gaming Headphones Review

Features RGB lighting on earcups areas and dynamic light effects with multiple RGB colors. Freely adjustable detachable microphone. Lightweight design with skin-friendly, breathable earcups for lasting comfort all day.

My daughter is a gamer, so the design of these gaming headphones, certainly appealed to her. The pastel pink isn’t too garish, ensuring these still look smart, whilst feminine. The LEDs on the cups, rotate through a colour sequence. There are protected by a mesh overlay, and are best used in low light. They can be disabled by the in-line controller, should they be a distraction for other people.

The in-line controller allows for volume control (via a wheel) and to enable/disable the mic. The cable is a good length at 2.5m, practical since it needs to be plugged directly in to the console or PC/laptop.
The most important features for a set of headphones are comfort and sound quality and these deliver in both areas. In terms of comfort, the cups do not get hot in prolonged use.

She games in longer sessions sometimes and finds these very comfortable whist doing so. I watched movies back to back, and they also remained snug and cool throughout. Being over-ear, they do not press against the ears and help reduce external noise (though they are not noise cancelling). Mic is also detachable, or can be bent out of the way, but on/off does require the switch. The mic sponge is the only bit of these that feels cheap, though does the job.

Sound quality is very good for the price range. Highs are well defined and the bass does not boom, but is full. Tested these with voice chat in Fortnite (PS5) and gave the surround sound a run in BFV (PC), all very clear and realistic. I haven’t used an Edifer product in half a decade, and can say they still deserve their brand reputation.

Overall, the Edifier G2 II Cat Ear PC Gaming Headphones are a fun way to game.

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