Echo Studio with Dolby Atmos Review

Echo Studio with Dolby Atmos



Enjoy an immersive audio experience with the Echo Studio with Dolby Atmos. 5 speakers produce powerful bass with improved clarity, deeper bass, dynamic midrange and crisp highs. Dolby Atmos technology adds space, clarity and depth.

The Echo Studio speaker is absolutely fantastic in many ways. I spent the whole weekend sampling different tracks and different settings until I came up with the settings that worked for me. Which were, Bass, Treble, and Mids all set to the middle (flat) and for all but 3D music I turn stereo spacial enhancement OFF.

When I get a new speaker or headphones, there are various tracks I like to play though to check performance. There are a couple of excellent public playlists on Apple Music, Spotify or Amazon Music that people have created for this purpose, try them, sometimes hearing songs you are not familiar with helps to ‘hear’ the quality as you have no pre00conceived ideas of what tracks should sound like.

So, sound = 5*

I connected my TV to the Studio (and I leave it connected) via the Optical out. I currently run an Apple TV and most things go via that, the sound – Superb. That is playing Netflix, Prime Movies or downloaded content. The 360 output from the Studio really is 360. Before receiving the Studio I didn’t;t have a lot of hope for the 360 capabilities but having experienced it, I was extremely pleased. It could be to do with placement, not sure as I have not experimented with it in different locations. But for me, it sounds terrific.

What works very well for me is when. I turn the TV on, any music playing/streaming will stop and the Studio will wait for input from the TV. I can easily ask It to resume playing if I wish but in our house, the TV only goes on when we want to watch something. Music rules our house, so this works perfectly. No switching inputs manually, no getting up and no fiddling. Great sound from TV, Netflix, Prime or other steaming services – Terrific.

Echo Studio with Dolby Atmos Review

I took out the 3 months free trial of Amazon HD and I have been moving from one HD Ultra playlist to the next (there is a lot of HD Ultra content from a whole host of Genres) – The sound from the Studio is simply stunning. Streams from Apple Music (my default music service) are also excellent, I have nothing but high praise for this device.

In summary, this device is an absolute monster, it looks great, it sounds incredible with music and with TV, and it is simply a joy to use.

Echo Studio with Dolby Atmos Review

You may be asking, what is he comparing this to? I am a long-time music lover and over the years have spared little expense on hifi kit. For now, this has replaced my Sonos Play 5 (2nd Gen), yes it’s that good but it’s also better sounding than my LINN setup from a few years ago. Not only that but it takes up less space and costs loads less.

One last thing to mention as there may be some people interested to know. I hooked up my REGA P1 Planner turntable and pre-amp to Echo Studio for a bit of fun. I was very surprised by the output, yes stern separation was not the same as through the LINN but it sounded brilliant, I imagine if I had a pair, the separation would be as good. Try it for fun, you will be surprised.

Alexa – Very responsive as you would hope/expect making this a smart speaker beyond all others available at this moment in time. It is going to take some time for someone to beat this in this price range.

Price vs Performance – Stunning, what you get for your money here is amazing, this good at this price is unheard of. When you consider what you can get for £200 (Sonos One for example, which the Studio absolutely obliterates) this becomes an absolute bargain.

Last but not least, 3D music. At the time of writing, the amount of 3D music tracks is limited (to find them on Amazon Music, search for 3D Playlists) – How do they sound? Different is what I would say. I think the 3D/Atmos mixes simply give the artist/studio another tool to work with. The tracks I have sampled certainly sound different but I am not sure what I expected thus I would imagine, as studios begin exploring the Atmos music mixes, the amount and quality of tracks will only grow and get better. For me, it’s great to have a speaker capable of playing the new format ahead of the game.

Overall, the Echo Studio with Dolby Atmos is a must-have speaker for the home!

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