EasySMX Wireless Game Controller Review

EasySMX Wireless Game Joystick Controller









  • Great ergonomic design
  • Easy setup


  • Deadzones in analogue sticks
  • dpad

The EasySMX Wireless Game Controller is an Xbox 360 clone. Offering compatibility between a myriad of devices including PS3, PC and Android mobiles.

EasySMX Wireless Game Controller Review

Connection to devices is made simple with the inclusion of the USB receiver. Once plugged in, you can press the guide button. When testing I found I had instant compatibility, no lengthy driver installation or synchronisation/detection issues.

As a controller, the EasySMX Wireless Game Controller is a near perfect substitute for the more expensive Xbox 360 controller. The shape, in my opinion, is better for my hands. The grip fits in perfectly and I have no problems for prolonged gaming sessions. The buttons, triggers and bumpers all have a satisfying click to them. They also have a quick response time. I think they have skimped on the start and select buttons, but I don’t tend to use them.

EasySMX Wireless Game Controller Review

The dpad isn’t the best I have used. It’s ok to use for menu selection, but for side-scrolling games, it’s not very precise. The biggest drawback of this controller is the analogue stick deadzones. You have to push the sticks further out then you would normally, this means that when flipping between different controllers, you have to relearn where these deadzones are. This can also prove to be an issue for aiming on the right stick, for rifles and bows etc. But then when aiming with a sword the stick doesn’t have any real negative effects.

EasySMX Wireless Game Controller Review

So overall you’ve got a great cheaper alternative to the pricey official Xbox controller that won’t make you lose sleep with buyers remorse.
I would heartily recommend this as a secondary controller to anyone, or even as a main controller to someone who only plays games infrequently and doesn’t want to pay £50 for a few subtle improvements.
However, if you play games often it is worth paying a little more for your primary controller.

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