Duke of Defense Nintendo Switch Review

Duke of Defense Nintendo Switch



Duke of Defense on Nintendo Switch, a playful action-based tower defence game brimming with ample humour, cheeky villagers, egotistical wizards, and jaunty adventure. Build, roll, and slash your way through waves upon waves of goblins, ogres, golems, and more! Upgrade your character as you advance through the story with a plethora of enhancements available within the skill tree. These abilities also apply in co-op mode, so everybody benefits! Be sure to visit the Wardrobe Well and cycle between loads of quirky heads to customize your Duke, unlocking more choices as you progress. Unique towers, potent powers, and 8-bit flowers ensure you’ll be back for more.

Duke of Defense Nintendo Switch Review

Duke of Defense is a bare-bones tower defence game. The game features 8-bit graphics and a simple story, the tower defence mechanics are the same as you’ve probably played before.

You start a level with some gold, you build your towers for the first wave and then it plays until you win. The towers are placed in fixed locations and can be upgraded as you play. Upgrades are achieved by dancing under the tower, which was a strange concept.

Duke of Defense Nintendo Switch Review

The towers start of boring, with new ones becoming available as you play. Things like ice and fire arrows make for a slightly more exciting round.

There aren’t a huge amount of enemies, and as such the game can become a little repetitive. Boss battles are OK and do cut into the monotony.

The pixel art does not help this game at all. The whole game feels very dull, with a noticeable lack of colour. The sprites all start to merge a little and at times I found it difficult to spot my guys.

Duke of Defense Nintendo Switch Review

Overall Duke of Defense is an OK tower defence game. It hits all the right notes, though not always at the right times. The dull colour palette doesn’t help at all. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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