Ducky One 3 Daybreak RGB Gaming Full-Size Keyboard Review

Ducky One 3 Daybreak RGB Gaming Full-Size Keyboard



The Ducky One 3 Daybreak RGB Gaming Full-Size Keyboard utilises all-new Quack Mechanics, Ducky’s exclusive design philosophy. Other features include compatibility with all mainstream switch brands as well as true PBT, and double-shot keycaps, for a reliable typing experience.

The whole Ducky One 3 range is built on the philosophy of Quack Mechanics. At the core of every keyboard are a solid stance, authentic acoustics, balanced tuning, and true PBT keys. All of these factors culminate in a durable and highly reliable mechanical keyboard.

Solid stance refers to the redefined weight distribution. With a better weight ratio at the back of the Ducky One 3 and a lower case height, the overall stability of the keyboard has greatly improved. Plus, this keeps your Ducky One 3 standing firm in one place, whether you are conducting an intense battle or are in an inspired writing frenzy.

Authentic acoustics are achieved by the innovative combination of an EVA foam pad under the PCB and Q-Bounce pads. Both are intelligently constructed to reduce unwanted noise whilst also cushioning the impact of typing, thus creating less strain on your hands and wrists. Manufactured from 17 different types of rubber, the Q-Bounce pads are located directly within the PCB.

Ducky One 3 Daybreak RGB Gaming Full-Size Keyboard Features:

  • Equipped with brand-new Quack Mechanics
  • True PBT, double-shot keycaps for high durability and vivid colours
  • Dazzling RGB lighting across all keys
  • Compatibility with all mainstream switch brands
  • Hot-swappable PCB to customise switch feedback
  • Full-sized keyboard utilising a detachable USB-C interface
  • Available in four colours
Ducky One 3 Daybreak RGB Gaming Full-Size Keyboard Review

Balanced tuning is thanks to the premium in-house stabilisers utilised throughout the Ducky One 3 keyboard. Carefully curated, these stabilisers are formulated from synthetic materials and lubrication, thus creating consistent and responsive feedback. Especially on the larger keys.

Lastly, the true PBT keycaps are manufactured from highly durable plastic, polybutylene terephthalate. Not only does this plastic resist the general wear and tear of use, but they are stain-resistant too. With their frosted surface texture, your grip on these keys will never falter. Plus, they hold colour brilliantly, thus enabling Ducky to create these amazing colour schemes. Being double-shot moulded, the keycap is made in two layers, encasing the legend within the whole item rather than printing on top. This, too, helps maintain the integrity of the keycap.

A new feature of Ducky One 3 is its hot-swappable Kailh sockets in the PCB, allowing you to effortlessly remove and replace the switches. As a result, this keyboard facilitates amazing customising options when it comes to your typing feedback. This model is equipped with Cherry MX Speed Silver switches that have an incredibly low actuation force, perfect for rapid keystrokes. However, the hot-swappable PCB means you can place quick, linear switches on your WASD keys whilst equipping the enter and spacebar with something that features a heavier actuation force. All mainstream switches are compatible with this keyboard – so get customising!

Ducky One 3 Daybreak RGB Gaming Full-Size Keyboard Review

There are many colours and sizes available in the Ducky One 3 range. This model sports the bold Daybreak colour scheme, a brilliant blend of yellow, blue, and grey. As a full-sized QWERTY keyboard, this model features the full 105 keys in a UK ISO layout.

Illuminating every key, the Ducky One 3 Keyboard has dazzling RGB lighting that truly makes this keyboard glow, thanks to the clear casing on the switches. Customise this lighting through Ducky Macro 2.0 and enjoy the vivid effects on offer.

For its interface, the Ducky One 3 Keyboard is equipped with a detachable USB-C, braided cable. Increasing portability, this keyboard even comes with a silicone cable tidy – the Duckling Ribbon – for neatly storing detached items when in transit. Not only this, but USB-C provides ultra-fast and reliable performance, ultimately decreasing the latency between key press and your gaming PC registering.

Overall, the construction of the Ducky One 3 Daybreak RGB Gaming Full-Size Keyboard has been optimised for improved comfort as well as stability. The keycaps have been arranged in an SA profile, sculpted for comfort and ease of access, whilst the whole bezel is tilted. This tilt can be adjusted utilising the feet from the underside to increase the angle in three settings. Achieve the perfect ergonomic angle and game or work in complete comfort.

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