Dots for Spots Acne Patches Review

Dots for Spots Acne Patches



Dots for Spots Acne Patches are miniature, sticker-like dots that harness hydrocolloid technology to absorb impurities (pus and fluid) from your spots. Sounds too good to be true? They also provide a no-touch healing environment, protecting from breakout-causing bacteria.

It’s very simple. Hydrocolloid is an adhesive, absorbent, waterproof material, scientifically backed by countless clinical trials, that creates a moist environment and optimum conditions for your spot to heal. It can also help prevent a scab from forming, which can reduce the possibility of scarring.

Dots for Spots Acne Patches Review

I dont get acne, but I just hate getting spots and they make me feel so awkward and insecure. Having these is really great because the cover up the pimple, and having the physical barrier there is really helpful to stop me messing with them and continuing to touch them which obiously makes it worse. I have foudnt hat on deeper spots it takes a bit longer for these to work, they end up drawing the spot to the surface and then I’ll change the dot and use a fresh one, and then it removes the spot completely, almost like magic.

These are so effective that my boyfriend got curious and now also uses these as well, which is great because he is also very self conscious about his skin and these have really been an eye opener for him in terms of having good skin care and realising that he can actually do somethign about spots and not just leave them forever

Overall, I will probably keep buying Dots for Spots Acne Patches and use them for my skin whenever I need to, they are very effective and quite subtle.

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