Donnerberg Klopfy Tapping Neck Massager Review

Donnerberg Klopfy Tapping Neck Massager



The Donnerberg Klopfy Tapping Neck Massager is your ideal stress relieving companion. Also, it’s handy and easy to store. Ideal for home, office or car as it has two adapters for mains and car connections.

The control panel on the left arm has 5 functions can be operated easily with just a short press on the buttons. They are very tactile and will practice can be opereated with even looking. The soothing infrared heat setting works with two of the massage techniques. It penetrates deep into the tissue, works directly on tight areas and promotes blood circulation.

Donnerberg Klopfy Tapping Neck Massager Review

Donnerberg  Klopfy Tapping Neck Massager Review

The Donnerberg Klopfy Tapping Neck Massager has eight massage heads for shiatsu and two additional for tapping massage. These are made of high-quality plastic, allowing them to glide flexibly and deeply over the areas to be massaged and give you the feeling of a real hand massage. These heads are all powered by the durable power motor from Donnerberg. It’s now even more powerful and thus optimally supports the two effective massage techniques.

After getting the massager, I plugged it in and sat there for 15 minutes while it went through its cycle. It felt like a valve of pressure that had built up over years had suddenly been released. It felt amazing and this was on the default mode.

Experimenting a bit more, I found that by moving my arms in specific ways while sitting on a cushion on the floor, I could add or release pressure any where I wanted, all via the arm straps. I set to work on my neck, the shiatsu massage felt like an enormous pressure was lifting and the infra red heat really works.

The percussive tapping phase along with the arm straps was amazing. At the end of only 48 hours with this massager I can honestly say the improvement in pain, mobility and just general wellbeing is nothing short of miraculous.

Overall, the Donnerberg Klopfy Tapping Neck Massager is great if you suffer with neck or back pain, get this and really experiment with the straps while using, you’ll be amazed. Well done to the manufacturer!

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