DOBE Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Cases Review

DOBE Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Cases



DOBE isn’t a well-known brand, but are heavily featured on Alibaba. They offer a slew of Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite accessories, cases and grips. I got a load into the Jabba Reviews office to see how they fit, looked and worked.

The first three I checked out were the Carry bag/cases. They offer these for both the Switch and Lite. For the Switch Lite, there were two versions. The first was a slimline case, with a zip along the top to slide the Switch Lite in and out of. There is also a zip on the front to add a couple of games in. This case was made just to carry the Switch Lite and a couple of games.

The second case for the Switch Lite was made to also carry accessories like cables. It opens fully and contains 3 sections. The first is a mesh net to hold cables and made a small controller. The second is to hold 8 games, and the third is to hold the Switch Lite itself. This is a lot bulkier than the slimline case and does offer more space. They offer two versions of this bulkier case, one made of an EVA material, and the other being fabric.

DOBE Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Cases Review

DOBE Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Cases Review

Dobe sent three versions of cases for the Nintendo Switch, though these all have additional accessoires. The first one we looked at was an EVA Bag 4 in 1 kit. This kit included the open case with 3 sections, a game holder, which goes inside a game box. This holder can hold seven games and two sd-cards. There were rubber plugs for all the ports and a screen protector. The rubber plugs weren’t something I had seen before, and they allowed me to protect all the ports and the rails.

The second was a TPU Case. This bundle consisted of the 3 section case, protective grip for the Switch, screen proector, thumbstick covers and a USB-C cable. The covers worked well and added some bulk to the thumbsticks.

DOBE Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Cases Review

The last case was the Silicon Case EVA Bag. This came with the 3 section case, rubber port plugs, cardholder, screen protector, silicone cases for the joycons, thumbstick covers and a joycon grip.

The last thing we looked at was the clear case for the Nintendo Switch Lite. This included a screen protector, thumbstick covers and the clear case. Overall, this offered 3 levels of protection and was exactly what I needed to keep my Switch Lite safe.

DOBE Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Cases Review

Overall, Dobe offers a huge amount of options for Switch and Switch Lite owners. Don’t let Alibaba put you off, these are some good solid products. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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