DLseego Protective Case for Valve Steam Deck Review

DLseego Protective Case for Valve Steam Deck



With a shock-absorbent TPU material design, the DLseego Protective Case for Valve Steam Deck can protect your Steam Deck from drops, scratches, dust, and fingerprints. Extending the lifetime of the Steam Deck console. Each hole is precise, and it has vents to dissipate heat, which can extend the life of the device. The silicone texture material makes the protective case more soft and comfortable. It is easy to install and remove.

The hard case fits snugly on the Steam deck. No “sticking out” from the device in the middle at the top and bottom, as I often see on videos on the net with protective cases made of softer material. It is very easy to grip on the sides so that you can hold the device very comfortable even when playing for a long time.

DLseego Protective Case for Valve Steam Deck Review

Appearance is of course a matter of everyone’s taste I like the simple dark look. The pictures on Amazon show exactly what to expect.

As far as protection is concerned, I can’t say much, as I won’t put my Steam deck through a crash test. But the material is very thick and the consistency (firm but gives way slightly when needed) is just right to cushion falls. It protects very well against scratches caused by fingernails or lying the device on rough surfaces.

All cutouts are exactly where they should be, especially those for the air vents, as the Steam Deck can get quite warm and therefore the fan has a lot to do. Despite the thick edge, even with this protective case, the Steam Deck fits easily into the included carry case (512 GB model).

Overall, the DLseego Protective Case for Valve Steam Deck is a great option for your Steam Deck.

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