DIERYA 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

DIERYA 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



The DIERYA 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has a compact 63 key design by retaining the essential functional keys like Left/Right, Up/Down which are important for your productivity. Offering you so much more space than the normal gaming keyboards. The RGB mechanical keyboard comes with Double-shot injection moulded keycaps offering crystal clear uniform backlighting and lettering that doesn’t scratch off.

DIERYA 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

The size of 60% is ideal and I like it very much. At first, I had some trouble because when I wanted to press the right shift key I pressed the up arrow but you get used to it right away. The backlight is very good with many modes and also with the software you can modify things.

The most important thing about the keyboard for me is its excellent touch when typing. I have selected the brown switches and I like them quite a lot. They are linear, but they offer some resistance to half the key, that doesn’t mean they are clicky or anything like that, they are a little less thin than cherry red (I say it because I have another keyboard next door with cherry red and I’m trying it if I wouldn’t even notice it), but the touch is as I said earlier excellent. Besides, it does not make excessive noise. I haven’t disassembled the keyboard, but it still has rubber for damping (this I’m not sure if it’s true is just an impression).

DIERYA 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Having the ability to connect it via Bluetooth and cable with a USB-C connector is a fantastic thing. As for the durability of the battery then I wouldn’t know what to say since I haven’t used it enough to know. What I don’t like about this keyboard is the US layout, since we are in Spain and any product sold here I think it should have a layout in Spanish unless you explicitly ask for one in the US. I also did not like anything that even on the official website sells keycaps for this keyboard in Spanish and that does not come with a palm rest. The latency for being Bluetooth when it is inactive and wants to use it is not too big.

Overall, the DIERYA 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an excellent keyboard. It’s everything you’re looking for in a good-looking keyboard that is wireless and wired, small and backlit.

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