Dicota Backpack STYLE Review

The Dicota Backpack STYLE features a huge amount of storage. Also, internal cable management so you can charge everything without taking it all out of your backpack. After using it for a couple of weeks, I can confirm 100% they are telling the truth. This juggernaut of a bag has more space than you would ever need.

Dicota Backpack STYLE Review

The quality of production that Dicota has provided for this bag is absolutely amazing.
I used the Dicota Backpack STYLE for a number of trips. Going up to my nans for a couple of days. Staying in London for a weekend, and to and from work. All these meant I had to charge on the go, keep everything secure and look cool.

I was able to take my Dell Laptop, my Samsung S9+, and Switch. With still had enough room for clothing, papers, and to charge 2 devices at the same time.

Dicota Backpack STYLE Review

At the top of the bag, there is a clip, once undone you can unroll the top. This will give you even more space. This is where the 29 litres of space comes from. On the right is a pocket that contains a hydration pocket. This will hold a bottle of drink or a business umbrella. When not used, this pocket can be hidden inside the bag and zipped up.

Dicota Backpack STYLE Features

  • Modern design and exciting combination of material Hidden notebook compartment with surrounding padding
  • Generous expandable main compartment with practical side access Padded slip pocket for tablets up to 10.5″
  • Zippered side pocket for drinking bottle or umbrella
  • Front compartment with internal pockets for smartphone, power bank, pens and other accessories
  • Separate zipper compartment for charging equipment and cables
  • Ergonomic back cushioning and padded shoulder straps made of breathable material
  • Height-adjustable chest belt for maximum wearing comfort

You can access the contents from the top zip. You also have access to the rest from the side, using the side zip. After the first week, I was hooked on this bag. It has everything I would ever need.

The Dicota Backpack STYLE has the best of both worlds. The on-the-go techie needing to charge his devices, and just the guy going to work. It works on both levels. When travelling with a bag full of tech, you don’t want it hurting your back. Especially after wearing it for long periods of time. This bag has a serious amount of padding along the back. Also, even some on your shoulders, Dicota went heavy on the padding and it has paid off. The padding is almost a honey cone texture and allows a lot of air to flow down the bag.

Dicota Backpack STYLE Review

In my opinion, Dicota has created the perfect backpack. If you are in the market for a new bag, travel a lot, or use a large number of smart devices, the Dicota Backpack STYLE really is what you’re looking for.

It looks great, has more space than anyone would need and sections I am still discovering, and best of all, it fits really well on your back. I’ve walked around London for a whole day with this and I didn’t get any problems. Finally, check out our other lifestyle reviews.

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