Devola 9″ DC Quiet Desk Fan Review – Best way to stay cool this summer

Devola 9" DC Quiet Desk Fan



The Devola 9″ DC Quiet Desk Fan is guaranteed to bring complete comfort to your rooms instantly. Boasting a 12-hour shutdown timer, 12 different fan speeds, 3 different modes and both vertical and horizontal oscillation. This fan acts as an air circulator to bring effective cooling into your home.

Suitable for domestic and commercial situations this fan will bring instant relief to lounges, offices, kitchens and being near-silent at as little as 20 decibels, even bedrooms throughout the night. With this fan also being an air circulator with a 62° vertical oscillation and an 80° horizontal oscillation, all areas of the room will be benefitted as opposed to the person sitting directly in front of it.

Being a fraction of the price of similar fans on the market, this fan does not compromise with the quality and function and is one of the quietest, most efficient fans on the market. For help when using in a bedroom, this fan comes with a Sleep Mode so there is no need to get up during the night to turn it off – the fan will smartly shut down gradually giving you an undisturbed sleep in a comfortable atmosphere.

Equipped with a quality DC motor this will ensure that the fan runs quieter, that it’s cheaper to run as little as 28W and has a longer life than normal motors used in fans. Being able to simply lift the fan out of the box, plug it in and feel the benefits immediately, it is easy to use yet a quality fan.

Devola 9″ DC Quiet Desk Fan Features

  • DC Motor
  • 12 Speeds
  • Oscillates vertically & horizontally
  • 12 Hour timer
  • Remote included
  • Carry handle

The fan can go up to 12, which though loud is incredibly strong and blew away desk papers and disrupted skype calls, as it sounded like we were in a wind tunnel. I found 5 was a great middle-ground and was perfect during the current heatwave.

A big plus is that it has a 62° vertical oscillation and an 80° horizontal oscillation. This means I can have this cooling the whole room. Going up and down, while going left to right moves the hot air in the room, making it fresher and cooler. Another new addition was the leather carry handle, making it very easy to move around. 

This is whisper quiet on its lowest speeds, and it’s hardly noisy on max. I like a very gentle breeze and level 1 is ideal for me when asleep. The display is bright and informs you of the settings being used. The fan will make a loud beep when a button is pressed, but unfortunately can’t be muted.

Overall, the Devola 9″ DC Quiet Desk Fan is the perfect fan for an office environment. I would love another one for my wife’s desk, so she’ll stop pinching mine!

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