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Dandara Nintendo Switch



Dandara on Nintendo Switch. The world of Salt hangs on the brink of collapse. The citizens, once free spirits, now stand oppressed and isolated. But not all is lost, for out of this aether of fear arises a heroine, a ray of hope. Her name is Dandara. Welcome to a unique 2D metroidvania platformer, full of mystical creatures and boundless exploration. Defy gravity as you jump across floors, walls, and ceilings alike. Discover the mysteries and secrets hidden throughout the world of Salt and its diverse array of characters. Empower Dandara for combat and survival against enemies bent on oppression. Awaken, Dandara, to bring freedom and balance to this directionless world.

Dandara Nintendo Switch

Dandara Nintendo Switch Trailer

Dandara puts a middle finger at other Metroidvania games, by removing the ability to run and jump. You move by aiming for a flat surface, using either the touch screen or the joycon.

Moving and shooting are difficult to get right. Your weapon (an energy blast) has to be charged and then aimed at the enemy. Shooting at enemies is difficult when you can only stay in one position. Though you can upgrade the further you delve into the game, I still found the controls to be an issue. Above all else, the controls make the game unique. This feels like a difficult game to play, which I love.

Dandara Nintendo Switch

There are beings littered through the game which give Dandara special gifts to progress through the game. Though there is a storyline to explain why I wasn’t that invested in it. But I find this is the case for most Metroidvania games.

The overall look and feel of the game are a little underwhelming. Some levels are great and take full advantage of your inability to run or jump. There are save game points through the game, and if you die you go back to the last one you saved at. This will also mean any XP you have collected will be lost. So you’d have to collect it all over again.

Dandara Nintendo Switch

This is an old-school 2D platformer in look, but in action uses new and unique gameplay styles. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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