CYCOP SWIFT 2.0 Urban Pro Backpack Review

CYCOP SWIFT 2.0 Urban Pro Backpack



The CYCOP SWIFT 2.0 Urban Pro Backpack is the new generation of backpacks that provides more than 7 convenient ways to light your urban life. The S shape zipper creates 7 ways for anyone to access their gear quick and easy in any situation. Isolated dry layer for wet clothes or shoes is our 1.0 backers favourite! So we keep that to swift 2.0 and add load-lifter strip that only appears on professional hiking bags before. The separated compartment is perfect for a 15.6’’ laptop which is a plus for people between travel and work.

CYCOP SWIFT 2.0 Urban Pro Backpack Review

CYCOP SWIFT 2.0 Urban Pro Backpack Review

The big selling point is the S-style zip. This design allows you to access different sections across the main 23L part of the backpack. The main section can be broken up into 3 section, which the shape of the zip allows you to open one by one.

In the backside has a professional pocket which has two inner layers. It can fit in a 15’’ laptop or 16’’ MacBook Pro, and A4 documents. There is an isolated dry layer at the bottom of the bag. It will be a wonderful storage space to put in your wet clothes & shoes. There are dual side pockets and a small pocket on the top for your wallet or umbrella.

The SWIFT 2.0 is made from a water-repellent & anti-wear material. The bag consists of pad material on it for better protection for your belongings. You can carry it on shoulders, hold the top of the knob, and attach it to the luggage. SWIFT2.0 is suitable for any occasion.

CYCOP SWIFT 2.0 Urban Pro Backpack Review

The inside is a copper-gold colour, allowing me to easily see and find what I packed inside. After a bit of moving around, I was able to get it to stand freely which is incredibly useful. The zips are all YKK which is pretty standard now I feel.

Overall, the CYCOP SWIFT 2.0 Urban Pro Backpack is perfect for the urban worker. Its multitude of pockets and sections allow for ultimate organization.

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