Creative Sound Blaster X4 Review – Hi-res 7.1 External USB DAC and AMP Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster X4



The Creative Sound Blaster X4 supports up to 7.1 discrete and virtual audio channels, so you won’t have to compromise on the way you enjoy your audio. It is also capable of incredible sound performance—acoustics depth and detail—giving a new lease of life to your headphones and speakers. Also, it offers not just one, but three different surround sound delivery options. Feel free to discover the unique characteristics of each surround option, try them out on different types of media content, and maybe—relive that favourite piece of yours in a whole new light.

There are 7 I/O connectors on the X4. This means it’s now much easier to connect multiple audio devices. From external microphones and headsets to platforms like your PC, Mac, gaming consoles, and even your multi-channel speaker systems—this converts your desktop setup into an audio hub.

Creative Sound Blaster X4 Review – Hi-res 7.1 External USB DAC and AMP Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster X4 Review - Hi-res 7.1 External USB DAC and AMP Sound Card

The line-out ports consisting of Front, Side, Rear, and Center / Sub ports allow you to connect your 2.1, 5.1, and even 7.1 speakers for outstanding audio clarity. Coupled with 7.1 discrete and virtual support, refresh your same old speakers with a new sound identity.

I love how there is a USB-C port for power. This makes it easy to power up the device right on your desktop once the connection is made. And when connected to platforms like PC and Mac, the USB-C connection is used for both power and audio. This makes it super convenient (with less mess) to set up.

Along the front of the Sound Blaster X4 are the microphone and headset ports. You can further adjust your microphone’s gain and volume boost via the Acoustic Engine module of the Creative app. The Sound Blaster X4 is also a headphone amplifier that’s capable of driving studio-grade headphones of up to 600Ω with ease.

A great addition is that you can easily control the volume levels between two audio sources. This is all with the Audio Balance feature on your PC, Mac, PS5, or PS4! After a quick setup, you’ll be able to adjust the volume mix on the volume control knob. Turning the knob left to right, and vice versa.

The Sound Blaster X4 features 114 dB audio clarity with high-resolution 192 kHz / 24-bit playback for detailed audio that’s well balanced and accurate. The extra power from the built-in amplifier also means you’ll get a volume boost from the get-go.

Overall, the Creative Sound Blaster X4 is a fantastic addition to a multi-device setup. Being able to have one DAC for my gaming devices is fantastic!

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