Creative Sensemore Air Lightweight True Wireless Earbuds Review

Creative Sensemore Air Lightweight True Wireless Earbuds Review



Introducing the Creative Sensemore Air Lightweight True Wireless Earbuds, our lightest and smallest in the True Wireless lineup, designed with a compact clamshell-shaped charging case for your travels.

We also debut our newest innovation, the built-in Sensemore technology which serves as a hearing amplifier that helps boost surrounding sound—water drips or a chat in a noisy room—hear the outside world loud and clear!

Together with many other nifty features—Ambient Mode, Active Noise Cancellation, up to 35 hours of total playtime, Bluetooth 5.2, and IPX5-certified—sense more of your world regardless of rain or shine, and have immersive audio accompany you all day.

Designed to improve hearing, our innovative Sensemore technology boosts vocals and amplifies sound waves, ensuring that each and every sound can be heard louder. In turn, this allows you to communicate and listen to conversations effortlessly, in both quiet and busy environments. As a bonus, when set to a higher intensity, it could even benefit folks with mild hearing deficiencies. Experience a new level of audio clarity and stay connected anytime, anywhere!

Creative Sensemore Air Lightweight True Wireless Earbuds Review

Simply double-tap your left earbud to activate the Sensemore Mode, and invite the vivid sound in! Alternate between Sensemore Mode and Ambient Mode via the Creative app to give a personal touch on how much you want to stay connected with your environment. Stay aware of what’s going on around you as you walk through a busy street or while commuting to work.

Creative Sensemore Air Lightweight True Wireless Earbuds Review

When your surrounding gets a little too overwhelming, double tap on the left earbud to turn on Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and block out all those distractions to better focus on what needs to be done. You may also head over to the Noise Control module on the Creative app to tailor how much sound to let in or block out according to your preference.

Take full pleasure in rich and mesmerizing acoustics performances with Creative Sensemore Air. The 6 mm bio-cellulose drivers are expertly tuned to bring you the aural bliss of clean highs, well-balanced mids, and immersive bass to enrich your audio journey. You may also tweak your EQ or click your preferred setting from a list of presets via the Creative app to further boost your audio experience.

Power your day with Creative Sensemore Air. The earbuds offer up to 10 hours1 of playtime on a single charge along with 2.5 additional charges, totalling up to 35 hours1 when placed in a fully charged case.

Pop the earbuds into the case and give it a quick boost when the battery is low. Just a quick 10-minute charge gives you up to 2 hours of listening time. When the charging case has run out of battery, recharge it with the provided USB-C cable or simply dock it onto any wireless charging pad*, and you’re done!

Creative Sensemore Air Lightweight True Wireless Earbuds Review

Redesigned with the community’s feedback, the Creative Sensemore Air’s charging case is now more portable than before! In fact, it’s the most compact in our True Wireless lineup so you can slip it inside your pocket any time when not in use. Fits comfortably not only in your pocket but also in your ears! For extra comfort and an optimal fit, three sets of soft silicone ear tips of varying sizes are also provided for you.

Don’t let the rain or sweat hold you back! With an IPX5 rating, Creative Sensemore Air is water-resistant and sweatproof and all ready to stand by you, even during rainy days or while you sweat it out. Quad mics for better voice clarity and an overall improved call experience. There are a total of four mics equipped in the Creative Sensemore Air, two for detecting and filtering background noise with ANC on, and two to pick up your voice for effective and clear communications, wherever you are.

With better voice pickup, you can command away at ease! The very same quad mics also mean that activating Siri or Google Assistant is a breeze—just tap thrice on the left earbud. Take charge and personalize your Touch Controls the way you want them to function. The intuitive touch controls are meant to bring you comfort in familiarity and convenience, where you can manage your volume, music, and calls with just a few taps. Be it answering calls or skipping tracks, you can customize your Touch Control on the Creative app via the Custom Buttons module and tweak them as you wish.

No more tangled wires or disruptive audio connectivity to mess up your day! Powered by Bluetooth 5.2, experience high-quality audio performance and smoother audio streaming on these earbuds.

Overall, the Creative Sensemore Air Lightweight True Wireless Earbuds are the true wireless earbuds that consumers can finally get without settling.

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