Creative Pebble V2 Desktop Speakers Review

Creative Pebble V2 Desktop Speakers



Creative Pebble V2 Desktop Speakers, are a successor to the popular Pebble speakers – Creative are keeping their minimalistic design, and giving them USB-C connectivity for higher power output! If you are using older computers with USB Type-A ports, not to worry, a USB-C to USB-A converter is included for you. Pebble V2 also has a built-in gain switch to help amplify your audio so you can turn up your music and it will still be nothing short of astounding.

Creative Pebble V2 Desktop Speakers Review

Creative Pebble V2 Desktop Features:

  • 3.5 MM OUTPUT

The Pebble V2 is designed around the idea of keeping a small footprint. This means it has a clean and modern design, I found it blends naturally into my desk setup.

The whole speaker is powered through USB-C and uses a standard 3.5 mm jack for audio. Compared to the previous model, the clarity is vastly improved. The cable length between speakers is increased, allowing more movement and placement of the speaker units. This increased length doesn’t seem to have any negative effect on the audio quality.

If your PC has a USB-C port then you can plug in the cable and start playing some Steelheart. But if you only have USB-A, then don’t worry Creative were friendly enough to include a USB-C to USB-A converter.

There is a built-in gain switch which activates high gain mode for amplified audio. When listening to tracks like Sabotage which pack a punch, this makes it a bit more punchy.

Even in its small size, the Pebble V2 has an improved built-in 2″ full-range drivers and passive radiators. This means the Pebble V2 gives you richer and louder audio with enhanced bass reproduction.

Creative Pebble V2 Desktop Speakers Review

I was happy to see the Pebble V2 retained the 45° angled drivers. This makes the sound hit your face, instead of your chest.

Overall, for under £20 these are a great addition to your PC setup. They have a great clean design and sound fantastic. Finally, check out our other audio reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Cables is still ridiculously short (1.2m) in V2.
    You may need a USB & audio cable extensions for desktops.
    Shame that the SBS AXXX & TXXXX 2.1 series has been discontinued.

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