Creative Pebble Pro Minimalist 2.0 Speakers Review

Creative Pebble Pro Minimalist 2.0 Speakers



Now with customizable RGB lighting! The Creative Pebble Pro Minimalist 2.0 Speakers let you pick from a selection of RGB LED lights and three lighting effects via a simple plug-and-play setup.

On the audio front, it is a step up from all of its predecessors, with an overhaul in driver design and an upgrade from analogue amps to a pair of integrated digital input amps, you can expect rich and powerful audio right at your desktop.

For movie buffs, our Clear Dialog and BassFlex technologies ensure easily comprehensible spoken dialogues even while the impactful bass performance pumps away with heightened immersion. Joining the ranks of their popular Pebble Series of PC speakers, Creative Pebble Pro is here to elevate your desktop audio experience.

Choose from a range of RGB LED lights and 3 lighting effects, and create a setup that fits your desktop aesthetics. Creative Pebble Pro’s RGB lights let you cycle through a spectrum of colours, get groovy with pulsate mode, or even keep it simple with a single-colour glow. When it’s time to call it a day, turn the RGB rings off easily via the RGB control button.

Creative Pebble Pro Minimalist 2.0 Speakers Review

Audio distortion at high volume levels is commonplace in compact PC speakers, but not with the Creative Pebble Pro. By utilizing a pair of all-new, powerful digital amps with built-in audio processing that allows the internals to handle higher output power, Creative Pebble Pro is capable of driving impactful audio performances across volume levels without skimping on the audio clarity.

At a glance, the Creative Pebble Pro looks to be sporting the same 2.25″ drivers as its predecessor in the Creative Pebble V3. In reality, they have been overhauled from the ground up with a brand-new driver design to achieve more headroom for a louder, clearer audio performance that sounds beyond its physique, and 3.5x richer and deeper bass* performance. The end result is the engineering marvel that is Creative Pebble Pro—compact on your desk with capabilities to fire acoustics power of up to 10W RMS in total and peak power of up to 20W.

Plus, if you want to further amplify your audio, connect the Creative Pebble Pro to a 30W USB PD adapter^ to maximize the speakers’ full capabilities and enjoy astounding acoustics power of up to 30W RMS in total and 60W peak. No subwoofer, no problem. Featuring our BassFlex technology, Creative Pebble Pro is more than capable of delivering extended low-frequency response and pronounced bass, even when the volume is low. The speakers are expertly tuned to achieve maximum bass across all volume levels without muddying audio clarity, so the impactful deep tones come through pristine and immersive.

All that audio is in a single sweet spot. As is the signature design of the Creative Pebble series, Creative Pebble Pro features the same 45° elevated drivers, specifically angled to direct audio straight to your ears for an immersive and personal listening experience. Are you missing out on important subplots because the show’s dialogues are constantly drowned out by the background sound effects? Creative Pebble Pro’s Clear Dialog audio processing has been further improved to pick up spoken words over ambient sound effects, all while ensuring that the enhanced vocals continue to sound natural and realistic. With Clear Dialog, spoken dialogues become easily comprehensible on the Creative Pebble Pro without having to crank up the volume.

A long-requested feature is also finally here! Now featuring longer wires (1.8m / 5.9 ft) from the left to right speaker, you’ll have more flexibility in how the Creative Pebble Pro should be placed on your desk. Whether it goes on the sides of your ultrawide monitor or just by your laptop, it’s entirely up to you.

Creative Pebble Pro is a pair of USB-C powered speakers that is capable of 10W RMS output when connected to a USB-C port. If you are unsatisfied with the volume levels on Creative Pebble Pro when it is at its maximum, you can consider connecting the speakers to an external PD adapter that is capable of driving more power for the speakers. We recommend using a USB-C PD adapter of at least 30W for optimal performance.

Creative 30W PD Adapter is a portable adapter with Power Delivery 3.0 and QC 3.0, as well as both the USB-C and USB-A ports. It also comes with interchangeable US, Japan, Europe, and UK AC plugs*, and can be used as a wall adapter to power the Creative Pebble speaker series, or to charge multiple USB devices.

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