Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless Headphones Review

Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless Headphones



Embrace the sweet serenities of solitude, free from wires and disturbances, with the Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless Headphones! As the latest addition to their Outlier TWS series, the Creative Outlier Pro is here to offer you the best true wireless experience yet.

Effective noise cancellation is the first step to enjoying better audio—that’s why they’re introducing advanced hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to the Creative Outlier Pro. Eliminate unwanted noise and immerse in clean, crisp audio from its graphene-coated drivers. You don’t have to worry about battery too—the earbuds’ battery life is further amped up to a total of 60 hours!

With a total of six microphones for clearer call quality, customizable touch controls, IPX5-certified water resistance, and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, Outlier Pro lets you have it all.

Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless Headphones Review

It is also Super X-Fi READY with our award-winning Super X-Fi Headphone Holography that recreates a professional, multi-speaker system experience in your headphones, personalized to your ears. By utilizing the SXFI App on your mobile, you can enjoy a preview of Super X-Fi technology on local content and enjoy cinematic audio even while on the go! Super X-Fi READY works on local music files downloaded onto your device; it does not support streaming content (e.g., Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix).

Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless Headphones Review

So, to begin with looks, these do look great. Although they’re a little bulky compared to some earbuds, they don’t look dorky or out-of-place, because of the curved and modern style. In fact, I think they look pretty professional and classy compared to most. They look and feel metallic rather than plastic, which is a big plus too. In my ears they feel very comfortable and there’s very little movement when walking around and none when sitting down.

The sound quality on these is great. The bass is strong, but authentic feeling as opposed to synthetic as many cheaper headphones sound. All the levels seem spot on – nothing sounds murky or digitized in any way. They have a nice clarity about them that works as well on podcasts and calls as it does for music and YouTube. The ANC is decent, it’s hybrid ANC (so the mics take the sound externally and then the system works to drown out background noise based on the info they gather); it’s not quite as good as Apple or Sony’s higher end devices, but for where these are priced it’s great and I was impressed how close they were. Walking around town or sitting on a train all I can hear is the music.

Six microphones is an interesting choice, but suggests to me that these are being targeted to those who may want to use the headphones at work, to chat with family on Zoom calls, and make calls whilst on the move. It also shows how much emphasis has been put on providing great ANC. The good news is that these 6 microphones result in a really clear transmission and everyone is surprised when I tell them I’m talking to them via an earbud that’s a fair distance from my mouth.

I really liked the case. It’s a bit bigger than some cases, but you can tell it’s well built. Whereas most cases open with hinges, this one opens up like a draw – i.e. it slides open. This is good as it reduces the chance of you breaking the case (because you can’t snap the small hinges). This case isn’t just for looks though, it offers a huge 60 hours of battery life. I typically use my headphones for 1-2 hours a day, which means I can go a month or more without charging these, which is just crazy to me. When I do need to charge them it’s as simple as a USB C cable or even wireless charging (again… something I wouldn’t expect on earbuds under £100!).

Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless Headphones Review

Everything feels rugged and durable. The case genuinely feels it could survive a drop kick and the bulkiness of the earbuds makes me believe they could survive a couple of drops too. The IPX 5 rating is fine for working out and light rain, but I wouldn’t push these much further than that. They’re not going to survive a swim.

If I was to highlight one weakness, these probably wouldn’t be my number one choice for gym-use / running. The headphones seem more geared towards home entertainment, commuting and work to me based on the appearance and form. Because the weight is so heavily on the outside of the ear and there aren’t any hooks to keep them in, I found that running or rowing tends to see them slip and come dangerously close to falling out.

Overall, I think the Creative Outlier Pro True Wireless Headphones are a great choice for those looking for affordable, but high quality headphones. The battery life is a huge plus, but the sound quality, ANC and mic quality is right up there too!

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