Creative BT-W4 aptX Bluetooth 5.2 Audio Transmitter Review

Creative BT-W4 aptX Bluetooth 5.2 Audio Transmitter Review



Tired of unreliable Bluetooth® connections? Constantly getting disconnected out of the blue? The Creative BT-W4 aptX Bluetooth 5.2 Audio Transmitter is here with even more to offer.

Say goodbye to connection breakage and welcome stable, high-quality Bluetooth audio with Creative BT-W4. The Creative BT-W4 is a smart Bluetooth audio transmitter that is designed to complement the digital natives of today’s progressively wire-free world. Equipped with the latest aptX™ Adaptive codec, Bluetooth 5.2, a convenient device-switching function, and dual voice chat options, Creative BT-W4 makes your Bluetooth experience enjoyable for entertainment, work, and more!

Creative BT-W4 aptX Bluetooth 5.2 Audio Transmitter Review

Step up on your wireless experience with the latest aptX Adaptive codec. Enjoy undisrupted media on your devices without the annoying and random breakage, as well as synchronized audio and video without noticeable lag or lip-sync error.

Creative BT-W4 aptX Bluetooth 5.2 Audio Transmitter Review

aptX Adaptive1 is an extremely efficient audio codec that automatically adjusts its bitrate in real-time, based on your usage and surrounding, like a crowded RF environment that is extremely common in today’s digitized era. It is closer to you than you know, like a bedroom with smartphone and smartwatch chargers, LED lights, and even hair dryers—when put together, the RF emitted by these devices will inevitably disrupt your connection quality. With aptX Adaptive, connectivity issues are reduced to a minimum and you will always get the most optimized Bluetooth audio regardless of where you are and what you are playing. No user control or configuration required.

The Creative BT-W4 offers high-definition 24-bit audio at 48 kHz when streaming with aptX Adaptive. Along with Bluetooth 5.2, enjoy stable, high-quality, and reliable connection for your music, movies, and games.

It also automatically chooses the best available audio codec supported by your device, so you are guaranteed the best possible Bluetooth audio every single time.

Good news for the gadget geeks who own a whole fleet of Bluetooth audio devices! Forget the hassle and repetitive steps of disconnecting, searching, and pairing whenever you want to switch between your Bluetooth headphones and speakers.

Weighing about the same as three potato chips, the Creative BT-W4 is a mammoth in functionality but an absolute lightweight in size. Its small build is comparable to a beer bottle cap, so it won’t get in your way. All you need is a free USB port to get it plugged in and running, while occupying negligible space on your desk.

Overall, the Creative BT-W4 aptX Bluetooth 5.2 Audio Transmitter is just great!

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