Cololight Plus Kit Review

Cololight Plus Kit



The Cololight Plus Kit features 16M RGB colours for personalized sensory pleasure. A dual-core processor gives a 3x boost in performance. Also, powerful chips and detailed design support complex lighting effects in a smooth & exquisite way.

All Cololight devices now work with Razer Chroma! The integration of gamers with more immersive gaming plus lighting experience. Go and sync your devices. Enjoy immersive Chroma-compatible games experience and visible audio-visual interaction.

From the start the setup process was very frustrating, there are next to no written instructions with the device in the box just a QR code that downloads the app and even that downloads as an apk which many will struggle to install, it should take you to the play store to get this, I’m assuming on apple devices this won’t be an issue as you cannot install 3rd party apps but on android that is going to cause confusion.

Cololight Plus Kit Review

Cololight Plus Kit Review

I had to resort to multiple user-uploaded YouTube videos to figure out how to get them to pair with my wifi and things like this are generally not something I struggle with. Once installed the lights appeared good, the scenes that come with it are nice and I particularly liked the northern lights effect that it does but things soon started to fall down again when I tried to make the lights react to music, the unit is clearly sound activated as you can see in my video it performs really well to the sound of talking but when music is played half of the effect is lost, it is very strange.

The lights will also just get off for no reason and need adjusting because of the way they connect to the base not being very stable. To sum this up, they are just not worth the premium that is being charged and because of the size, it would cost a small fortune to make an effect of any real influence.

Overall, for the price, I really can’t recommend the Cololight Plus Kit.

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