CLCKR Universal Phone Grip and Stand Review

CLCKR Universal Phone Grip and Stand



CLCKR Universal Phone Grip and Stand is a patented universal & multi-functional phone grip enabling a firmer hold and multiple viewing positions due to its comfy handle! Safer use of your device, Slim design and Wireless charging compatible.

CLCKR Universal Phone Grip and Stand Review

A big selling point is the variety of CLCKRs you can buy. They have loads of colours and designs, so there will be something there you can use. Unlike the PopSocket, you can grip inside the CLCKR allowing for a better hold.

Though the use of 3M to attach to the phone means this is a one time use job. You can remove it and it leaves no mess, but you’d need to invest in more 3M tape.

Though it states compatible with wireless charging, I found this not to be the case. Due to the thickness, it adds to the back, this can make your phone too high off the pad to get a charge. But others that use a stand system worked fine, so your mileage may vary.

CLCKR Universal Phone Grip and Stand Review

Having used it for a month or so, it has started to decay a bit. It’s starting to fray at the edges and the mechanism is a bit wobbly. This may be down to overuse, so I am not sure on the number of times its tested to be clicked in and out.

Overall, the CLCKR is an OK phone grip. The one time use makes it difficult in a world where you upgrade your phone once or twice a year. Don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on social media – find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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