Claybook Nintendo Switch Review

Claybook Nintendo Switch



Claybook on Nintendo Switch, is a unique world made entirely of clay. Every inch of the environment can be shaped and moulded. Everything has matter inside it, not just an outer shell. Clay can be liquid or solid, and it can be deformed and destroyed. In the game, you step into the shoes of brave kids who bring the Claybook to life. Each chapter of the book challenges you with unique obstacles and puzzles. You possess clay blobs and morph them into different shapes to overcome tricky situations. Each shape has its strengths and weaknesses, and some even have special powers.

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Claybook Nintendo Switch Review

You control a sentient ball of clay. You roll around absorbing clay from the world around you. This can be bad when you are using a clay bridge and it’ll disappear after you’ve gone over it. There is a rewind time option for any big mistakes, but this must be used wisely.

You can change your shape into a cube, cylinder, disk or sphere. I found myself mainly using the sphere, but the different shapes are useful the further into the game you go.

Claybook Nintendo Switch Review

This is a child game, so the puzzles aren’t that mind-bending. But I did find myself getting frustrated a couple of times. They never change the end goal, but the way to achieve it does change a lot. You tend to have to fill a container, but the way to do this will be drastically different between levels.

The looks are the selling point of the game. It looks like you are interacting with a world of clay. The colours are bright and vivid while maintaining a solid 30fps. The music sounds like a child cartoon, with the same notes played on repeat.

Claybook Nintendo Switch Review

Overall, Claybook is a great game to just pick up and play for a bit. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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