alcatel 30.25X

Alcatel 30.25X Review

July 29, 2019 Alex Thomas 0

The Alcatel 30.25X is a 3G smart flip open mobile phone with an alphanumeric keyboard and Facebook access. We got hands-on with this mini hybrid phone. In the hand, the phone is small and lightweight with a flip-action that took me back to my first mobile phones. The difference with […]

iPhone XR Review - Jabba Reviews

iPhone XR Review

November 12, 2018 JabbaReview 0

The iPhone XR is the cheaper of the iPhone releases, coming in around £200 cheaper than the XS and £300 cheaper than the XS Max. So should we be buying the cheaper iPhone model? The iPhone XR packs itself into 6.1″ display, putting itself right in the middle of the […]