Capsulier LITE Review

Capsulier LITE



The perfect cup of coffee or tea in the morning can set the mood for the rest of your day. With the Capsulier LITE, you won’t need to rely on store-bought coffees or the local barista for your daily fix. Make your flawless beverage, right at home. It’s easier than you think — choose your favourite freshly roasted and ground beans, leaf or spice, load the receptacle, and push a lever. No more rush-hour queues for overpriced coffee or bitter tea; our expertly-designed capsules are mess-free and preserve the aroma and flavour of the ingredients you choose. Share your recipes with family, friends and our community of fellow baristas and tea specialists. Whether the beverage of your choice is an estate-grown brew or just the best off-the-shelf blend you can afford, with the Capsulier Lite you can enjoy a delicious, refreshing cup — every single time!

Capsulier LITE Review

As a heavy Nespresso user, I was very excited to get my hands on a way to make my reusable pods at home. There is no need for any setup, this is purely mechanical, and has no need to be plugged in. The plastic body, makes it feel cheap.

You would pour the coffee through the top section, then place the CAPSI pod into the holder. A pull of the handle brings the pod inside and fills it with the coffee and even tamps it down. You can then remove the pod, this process is a bit fiddly as there is no lid and the coffee does fall out. I found a coarser ground is the best choice with my Nespresso machine.

Trial and error is the name of the game with the ground consistency. Too fine and the water won’t get through and to coarse then the taste will be bad. This is why pre-made Nespresso pods are sometimes better to buy.

Capsulier LITE Review

Once the CAPSI has gone through the Nespresso machine, it drops into the bin and can be grabbed to be used again. Though the metal design means it can get rather hot. I would have liked to have two CAPSI pods, as I tend to make a coffee for me and my wife.

The Capsulier helps make uniform coffee after each use. I also love experimenting with a wide selection of coffee blends. This also adds a whole level of convenience to pick and mix your blends. The big selling point is the saving of money. This saves me having to go to Starbucks, Costa etc.

Capsulier LITE Review

Overall, the Capsulier LITE is a great accessory to your Nespresso machine. Though it will take a while to get used to, once you find your footing, this is great fun.

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