Campfire Audio Orbit In-Ear Monitor Review

Campfire Audio Orbit In-Ear Monitor



The Campfire Audio Orbit In-Ear Monitor sonic presentation is big and bold. Their custom, 10mm full-range dynamic driver delivers rich detail on a spacious sound stage. The acoustic design of the driver chamber further refines Orbit’s performance. This means the sound you enjoy is the sound we’ve created even before Orbit is wireless.

By creating a fun and engaging earphone before adding wireless components, they can ensure that when Bluetooth® is the bridge between the earphone and the device, the sound reflects our original acoustic design.

Orbit is a wireless earphone created from the same approach they take to all their earphones, and that attention to detail is reflected in its acoustic performance. The everyday convenience of true wireless is undeniable. Now you can enjoy an earphone that sounds good too.

Campfire Audio Orbit In-Ear Monitor Review

They’ve carefully considered your first experience with Orbit. However, the first unboxing can be exciting and distracting for anyone. 

Here is a simple approach we recommend :

  • Remove both earphones from the case
  • Remove the sticker tabs from each earphone
  • Return both earphones to the case and
  • Close the lid (Earphones and case are now synced)
  • Open the lid

True Wireless earphones are good when they are charged and available. Orbit last 8.5 hours, with 30 hours in the case. Keep them in your jacket or desk. They will be ready to go when you need them. A cold walk home? Orbit is there. Does a spontaneous deadline appear? Orbit is right there too. Don’t sweat it too much. If the battery is dead, a quick charge via USB-C or the wireless charger will quickly get you back in the music. True Wireless is about convenience, and Orbit does not disappoint.

We focused on your everyday use and made a case to fit into your pocket. Sometimes the best earphone is the one that is with you and we designed Orbit to be that earphone. A robust and compact case means it goes where you do. Time to walk the dog? Orbit is there. Cruising to the grocery store and want to keep a low profile? No sweat, Orbit is your answer. Great sounding earphones wherever you are with the convenience of true wireless. 

We’ve included three sizes of foam tips and three sizes of silicone tips. Experiment with fit and sonic performance to find the right mix for you. Earphone tips have a dramatic impact on the sound of your earphone. Also, remember that most ears are not perfectly matched, so you may find a different-sized tip on your left and right earphones that may be the most comfortable and provide you with the optimal acoustic seal for your Orbit.

Campfire Audio Orbit In-Ear Monitor Review

Additionally, there is a USB-C to USB-C cable for charging when wireless options are unavailable. We’ve also included a new take on our signature Campfire Audio lapel pin. From the beginning, we’ve included a lapel pin with each earphone we’ve sold. Wear the unique Orbit pin proudly as those who know will know.

We’ve been working on TWS products for many years. Orbit in particular is a bit over two years in the making. Our focus when approaching a Campfire Audio wireless solution was to make sure that it was truly a Campfire Audio product. With Orbit, we feel that we’ve achieved just that. It is an earphone that sounds fully Campfire Audio. 

The acoustic design and ‘North of Neutral’ signature are firmly in place. Orbit is the first TWS all of us at the shop started to use regularly. While it may have taken a while to get here, you’re not going to regret picking one up. The sound, the charm, the form; Nicely Done.

Overall, the Campfire Audio Orbit In-Ear Monitor is quite frankly amazing!

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