Braun BT5050 Beard Trimmer Review

Braun BT5050 Beard Trimmer



The Braun BT5050 Beard Trimmer gives you exact length and precise contours – the two fundamentals of any great look. Whether you want to achieve designer stubble or trim your full beard, two detachable trimming combs provide the flexibility you need.

Braun BT5050 Beard Trimmer Review

The Braun BT5050 Beard Trimmer allows for a multitude of different looks. By using two detachable combs, you can trim your whole beard, or style your stubble. The precision comb comes with a dial to go all the way to 10, in 0.5 mm steps. The long beard comb can be switched between 10-20 mm.

The internal battery takes around 8 hours to fully charge, this gives you around an hour of battery. This means that in the mornings I can shave wherever, especially if the wife needs the bathroom. But they have added the option to use this while being plugged in, so you have different options based on your lifestyle.

Braun BT5050 Beard Trimmer Review

I can spend around 5 mins cleaning up my beard, but my brother will take around 15 mins. Braun is aware different people have different habits, so they made sure that its comfortable and ergonomic for long term use. The trimmer has sharp stainless steel teeth, which means it won’t break down halfway through a trim. It’s also maintenance-free, which means you can just use it and not worry. As it is waterproof, you can run this under hot water to give it a rinse.

In use I found I had to go over my face a couple of times at different angles to get a clean trim. Battery life was as stated and lasted a bit over an hour.

Braun BT5050 Beard Trimmer Review

Overall, if you trim your beard, then this is something you should have. For long beards and stubble, this is great to use day to day. Finally, check out our other lifestyle reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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