Boreal Blade Nintendo Switch Review

Boreal Blade Nintendo Switch



Boreal Blade on the Nintendo Switch is a team-based melee fighting game with a focus on player vs player combat. Boreal Blade combines reactionary and tactical gameplay with extraordinary freedom to variate your attacks and develop your unique fighting style. The game features four distinctive fighting styles with the possibility to choose between one-handed and two-handed weapons, a shield and a weapon combo, long thrusting pole weapons and fighting unarmed. Players can even throw items during battle! Three armour classes with their strengths and weaknesses are also included to guarantee a varied, ever-alterable fighting experience. Arm yourself and prepare to dive into the battle!

Boreal Blade Nintendo Switch Review

To start you can customize your character, including sex, skin tone and facial decor. This whole system is pretty easy to use, as it matches similar systems used in other games.

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You can then choose which kind of game to play, local or online. Though local is a great option this is definitely an online game. I started with the tutorial and didn’t enjoy it. The overall way it played out felt like a beta of the game, animations were rough and the look of the game was poor.

On the online mode, you get options like Quick Play, Host or Server list so you can see what games are happening and you can join. If a room is full, you can fly around in spectate mode to get into the action.

The overall art style is very stylised and doesn’t have a lot of detail to it. I felt the look was very middle of the road, as they didn’t decide to be cartoon based or detailed. The gameplay is very slow, as in you have to walk and carry a sword. You can then prime it into a swing and have to make sure you make contact.

Boreal Blade Nintendo Switch Review

Each swing puts the sword in a different angle, which gives it a more powerful attack. Then you sort of walk around and find a person, then you each take turns swinging the sword.

Boreal Blade Nintendo Switch Review

The main one I have for the game is clunky, its walk, take a swing and walk again. I feel this was a choice to make the game more about planning attacks, but in a fighting game, people don’t want that.

Boreal Blade Nintendo Switch Review

If a match goes on for too long then the Fornite “cloud” comes in, pushing players into the centre of the map for a more gruesome game.

I feel this game will divide players. Some will love the style of the game, and the slower more strategic gameplay. While others will want a faster more action-packed game. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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