Blueair Cabin P2i Car Air Purifier Review

Blueair Cabin P2i Car Air Purifier



I have reviewed a couple of Blueair air purifiers. I have to be honest I never thought you could get one into a car. The Blueair Cabin P2i Car Air Purifier uses their patented HEPASilent technology into the Cabin P2i Car that’s no bigger than a sheet of paper.

Blueair Cabin P2i Car Air Purifier Review

It is mounted behind the front seat using an included strap. This means it doesn’t take up any valuable real estate. The fan inside provides a CADR (clean air delivery rate) of 38 cubic meters per hour. All the controls are built into the in-car charger, so you can twist the top to increase the speed.

Blueair Cabin P2i Car Air Purifier Specs:

Car sizeSmall to medium cars (3-4 m3 / 106-141 ft3)
CADRB (Particles*/Smoke)38 m3/h (22.36 cfm)
CADRB (TVOC*/Gases)6 m3/h (3.53 cfm)
CADRB (Formaldehyde*)13 m3/h (7.65 cfm)
Airflow  – High43 m3/h (25.31 cfm)
Airflow  – Low16 m3/h (9.42 cfm)
Energy consumption (Unloaded USB)  – High7 W
Energy consumption (Unloaded USB)  – Low2.2 W
USB charging ports (for devices)2
Particle+Carbon filters1
Filter replacement indicatorYes
Recommended filter life (months)6
Blueair Friend compatibleYes
Integrated sensorsYes
Certification programs GB/T 18801-2015 (CADR Performance)Yes
Product dimensions (H x W x D)97 x 205 x 205 mm (3.82 x 8.71 x 8.71 in.)
Product weight (including filter)1.347kg (2.97 lbs)
Blueair Cabin P2i Car Air Purifier Review

Blueair Cabin P2i Car Air Purifier Review

If you feel the twist top is to caveman for you, you can always use the app instead. IT can be downloaded on iOS or Android and connects via Bluetooth. The app will run through the device and then allow you to control it.

You can tell a lot of thought has gone into the overall design. Such as the addition of a USB port on the top of the plug, so you can still charge your phone if needed. There is the option to daisy chain devices to the same power cable for larger vehicles. The cable is 4.5m long and that means it can be hidden under mats. The top of the plug will flash red when the filter needs to be changed. This is normally after around 6 months of normal use.

Blueair Cabin P2i Car Air Purifier Review

I think anyone with a car should have one of these. Especially in any built-up cities. It’s easy to install, stays out of the way and keeps you healthy. Finally, check out our other lifestyle reviews.

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