Blips LabKit 2 Explore the Micro-World Review

Blips LabKit 2 Explore the Micro-World



Blips Labkit 2 is the compact solution for any science lover. With all the 4 different Blips lenses and useful accessories. Inside the Labkit 2, you will find everything you need to see the microscopic details of prepared slides or for the exploration of the microscopic life around you. A compact solution with all the Blips lenses and new, improved accessories.

Blips LabKit 2 Explore the Micro-World Review

Being a fan of the Science museum, I was excited to get going on this kit. I did that this isn’t a jump in and go kit, you need space, a stable surface and a bit of practice with placement. The Macro lens took a while to get in the right place but took some good photos. A good tip is to turn off autofocus.

Blips LabKit 2 Explore the Micro-World Review

We had recently de-lead our cat, and this was the perfect opportunity to give them a look. I found similar sized creatures/objects were great for the macro lens. Finding small insects and other objects to look at became quite addictive. The micro and ultra lens gives up to 33x magnification. There is a small rest for these lenses, as its almost impossible to do freehand.

Blips LabKit 2 Explore the Micro-World Review

Overall, I loved using the Blips LabKit 2. I am now constantly on the lookout for what I can look at next. Once you do it for the first time, you know exactly what works and what doesn’t. This is great for the whole family and is useful to help teach kids.

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