Blair Witch Nintendo Switch Review

Blair Witch Nintendo Switch



Inspired by the cinematic lore of Blair Witch, experience a new story-driven psychological horror game that studies your reactions to fear and stress with Blair Witch on Nintendo Switch.

Blair Witch Nintendo Switch Review

You play as Ellis, who has a mysterious back story and enters the woods to track down a missing child. He’s not alone and has his trusty sidekick Bullet. Bullet is the best part of the game, offering clues, sniffing out items and being a best friend. How you treat Bullet will also affect the end of the game, so keep an eye on those dog treats.

Blair Witch Nintendo Switch Trailer

The second game mechanic is the Blair Witch staple, the camcorder. As you explore the woods, you find tapes. These tapes can be played on the camcorder, and effect items in the real world. The first use of this mechanic is at the beginning. You encounter a fallen tree, the same tree on a video you found. You can then rewind the tape and this will make the tree go back up and standing.

Blair Witch Nintendo Switch Review

My problem is that the game ends up getting stale very quickly. Past the two previous mechanics, you end up simply walking and looking around for items. The path doesn’t allow much exploration. Meaning, you are stuck on a set path moving forward. Puzzles are littered through the game and aren’t very scary, they end up taking you out of the mood of the game. You are stalked through the game and have to listen to Bullet if he spots a bad guy. You then get out and shine your torch into the direction Bullet is pointing.

The end of the game is where the game takes off. Throwing imagery, sounds and supernatural elements into the mix. Not wanting to spoil the end, it almost makes up for the monotony to get there.

Blair Witch Nintendo Switch Review

Graphics have taken a hit in this Switch port. Lighting, shadows and textures are all non-existent resulting in an almost foggy look. Handheld mode isn’t recommended. This is due to the fog increasing and the game becomes very difficult to play. Performance-wise it was solid, with there not being crashes or blips.

Overall, Blair Witch on Nintendo Switch is a slow game with a grand finale. Finally, check out Jabba Reviews. Also, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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