Black Paradox Nintendo Switch Review

Black Paradox Nintendo Switch



Black Paradox on Nintendo Switch is a fast-paced rogue-lite shoot ’em up. Unleash an arsenal of weapons, power-ups, drones, and other upgrades to survive waves of enemies, against a backdrop of vibrant pixel art and synth-wave soundtrack. As the infamous bounty hunter Black Paradox, travel through space and defeat the most dangerous criminal organization in the galaxy: the Hellraisers and its seven lieutenants. Enter the cockpit, ready your weapons, and prepare for the ultimate galactic showdown.

Black Paradox Nintendo Switch Review

Black Paradox reminds me of the old arcade games, you just keep shooting and avoiding the bullets. The whole game also has an 80’s style to it, with the music and visuals. I am talking a synth soundtrack and bright neon pixel art.

While shooting down bad guys, you can collect life, energy and weapons. Energy is key, as once you’ve collected enough you can activate the Black Paradox. This is a dark version of your ship, which joins you in killing the enemies.

Each level is in two parts. The first involves moving and shooting baddies, collecting all your energy, life and weapons. The second is the boss level, which when defeated will give you the option to grab a drone or a car upgrade.

Black Paradox Nintendo Switch Review

The roguelike element of this game means that when you die, you lose any upgrades. You will not lose credits, which are used to upgrade your abilities.

My problem with the game is the amount of grinding needed to get through it. I found myself having to collect credits and die repeatedly. This was due to credits being hard to come by. Also the game is super hard. You will die a lot, and there isn’t a way to get the ship any better.

Black Paradox Nintendo Switch Review

But with all that, I did find myself playing this over and over again. I link this to the games visuals and music, as its enjoyable to watch and play.

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