Beyond NRG Gaming Energy Drink Review

Beyond NRG Gaming Energy Drink



Beyond NRG Gaming Energy Drink is sugar-free nootropic energy and focus supplement, offering a healthy and long-lasting surge of energy for the ever-expanding digital generation. By combining science and creativity, we’ve been able to unlock enhanced mind-body performance, which improves focus, stabilises mood and boosts overall wellbeing. It’s more than just a supplement, it’s the fuel for your passion.

Beyond NRG - Gaming Energy Drink Review

The 20 sachet box allows you to build your selection of flavours. Each of the 4 slots allows you to add 5 sachets of any flavour you want. Flavours include Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Honeydew Melon, Grape & Raspberry, Mango, Pineapple & Blood Orange, Strawberry, Watermelon & Lime and Wild Forest Fruits. A cheeky choice by Beyond NRG is to have 5 different flavours and only allow 4 choices for its sample box. My suggestion is to skip the Mango flavour, as this was very strong and didn’t taste that good. The rest were very tasty, but I needed to use the maximum amount of water, otherwise was too strong. The sample box is a great choice for first-timers, as it allows you to try a variety of flavours.

Beyond NRG Gaming Energy Drink Review

Though these can be mixed by hand I would recommend grabbing a Vortex Shaker. This has a motorised bottom and a mixer inside, allowing you to create a vortex of water, that you can fill with your flavour of choice. This also means that throughout the day you can give the drink a quick blitz to mix it all up. They utilise X-Blade™ technology from PROMiXX® ensures your drink is mixed perfectly. Just fill with water, add your scoop of Beyond and watch the Vortex whirl. The rubber bottom means it won’t budge around your desk and the lid means it won’t leak if knocked over.

The last thing we tried was the Blue Raspberry Lemonade 400g Tub. This makes around 40 drinks, you even get a little scoop included. The flavour is the best for me, it’s sharp with the lemonade flavour and has a sweet blue raspberry taste.

Beyond NRG - Gaming Energy Drink Review

I tend to have around 6 teas a day when writing, including a coffee or two in the morning. But I had one of these drinks around 9 am and I didn’t touch another caffeinated drink all day. Each serving is around 150mg of caffeine while staying under 20 calories.

Overall, for anyone that needs a boost during the day then you need to grab some self some Beyond NRG Gaming Energy Drink

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