Best Sleep Analyzer App – Withings Sleep Analyzer Review

Withings Sleep Analyzer



The Withings Sleep Analyzer records and computes your health parameters in real-time to understand your sleep and deliver accurate health data. Accurate data collected by the sensors is processed using exclusive algorithms that benefit from a decade of expertise in connected health.

Best Sleep Analyzer App - Withings Sleep Analyzer Review

The Sleep Analyzer itself is a slim (5mm) grey mat, that goes between your mattress and bed frame. It is positioned around where your chest would be. It will then track breathing, heart rate, snoring and any movement. This is all done with pneumatic and sound sensors. Finally, this is all synced via wifi to the mobile app and your Withings account.

Setting up is a breeze, after positioning the mat, you follow the steps on the Health Mate app. After powering on the mat, it will inflate and then calibrate itself. The power cable is nice and long, so perfect for any bedroom set up. The tracking is turned on and off automatically, so you can just go to bed as normal. Though there is already an app, the data can also be synced to Google Git and Apple Health.

Best Sleep Analyzer App – Withings Sleep Analyzer Review

The app displays your sleep patterns, breaking it up into sections of awake, light, deep and REM. Also, you get a rating out of 100 to describe your sleep. There are specifics such as percentages for each sleep pattern. Withings utilise a red, yellow and green system to indicate the score of your sleep. Each analysed section can be expanded for more details and comparisons.

The trackable elements are on par with other sleep trackers on the market. The app is colourful and breaks down the stats into an easy to understand way. The big problem is, who do I improve my sleep? There isn’t a lot of guidance on how to improve my scores.

The big feature is that it tracks sleep apnoea. If the tracker picks up enough “odd” snoring events, then it will give you advice on some tests and how to improve your sleep apnoea.

Overall, the Withings Sleep Analyzer is a great device. The amount of trackable data it produces, and in an easy way to understand is great. Finally, make sure to check out Jabba Reviews for more deals and reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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