Benro MSD36C SupaDupa Monopod Review

Benro MSD36C SupaDupa Monopod



The Benro MSD36C SupaDupa Monopod features a maximum height of 64.9 inches folding down to just 16.6 inches. The MSD36C has a detachable rubber pivot foot, which included a spiked foot providing enhanced stability, while also providing flexibility. Combining twist locks with a CNC-machined, fast-action flip lock, it’s simple to fully extend, and then fine-tune the height of your monopod, with our newly added quick flip-lock. The included wrist strap provides convenient as well as secure handling.

Benro MSD36C SupaDupa Monopod Review

Benro MSD36C SupaDupa Monopod Features:

  • Flip-lock lever – CNC machined aluminium flip-lock. Easy to make quick height adjustments while shooting.
  • Carbon Fiber – carbon fibre leg tube construction.
  • Universal 3/8″-16 Thread – Easy to mount most standard photo heads with 3/8″-16 thread.
  • Wrist strap – The included wrist strap provides convenient as well as secure handling.

As an amateur photographer, my main interests are streets, and, landscape imaging. When all the lenses are connected, the camera can become very difficult to hold and control. A tripod would be useful but can be very cumbersome to set up. The Benro Monopod is perfect for this!

The support I had was about 5 ft. long when fully open. That’s OK if you’re aiming straight ahead or looking down but not so great when your subjects are it trees and you’re looking up. I did find other monopods that extended farther than 5 feet but they were very expensive. Eventually, I discovered a new item, this Benro SupaDupa that extended to 6 feet. 

Benro has a great reputation, the monopod is made of carbon fibre, and, for me, the price was right. After getting it I noted that while extending to 72 inches, it becomes a small package when the segments are compressed. I prefer the twist locks so I am fine with that. There is a lever lock on the most superior segment. This is very convenient when making that quick elevation, adjustment once you finally find your subject. I did add the Wimberley Monogimbal Head instead of a standard monopod or ball head. I found this method of attaching my camera to the monopod more versatile, for me, then the other types of heads. 

If you are a photographer, I recommend you consider the Benro MSD36C SupaDupa Monopod as part of your equipment.

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