Beldray Pet Lifter Review

Beldray Pet Lifter



Ideal for homes with furry friends in residence, the Beldray Pet Lifter has been crafted from durable materials to offer a reliable performance every time. It takes the hard work out of cleaning up, so you can spend more time with your precious pets and doing the things that matter most.

Packaging is simple, with the Pet Lifter covered in a cardboard layer. Once out you can go straight to work and start using it. The size is perfect for one-handed use, and apart from the Beldray logo on one side, it’s all blue.

Beldray Pet Lifter Review

I went straight to where my cat lies on top of the stairs, hoovered first and then started with this. By the time I got to bottom of my stairs, I’d filled a full carrier bag. Now done everywhere else after hoovering she goes and in total 3 bags which is awful considering, She’s jet black and you couldn’t see the hair til you started with this thing. I will be buying my mother in law one as it also works with dog hair a. So for hidden and stubborn pet hair, this clears it.

Once you have collected all the hair, you simply pull it off the Lifter. I like to give it a rinse under a warm tap to clean off any bits that get left behind. I have done this over a month and it still works as well as when it came out of the box.

Overall, any pet owner needs the Beldray Pet Lifter.

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