Beldray Climate Cube Heating and Cooling Functions Review

Beldray Climate Cube



The lightweight Beldray Climate Cube is a great investment all year round. This 23.9 x 21.6 x 21.3 cm climate cube has two-speed settings for both heating and cooling control. Small and compact; the unit has a 5W cooling mode and 500W heating power – allowing you to switch effortlessly between fan, cooling and heating mode. A convenient carry handle allows you to take this personal space climate cube with you anywhere, plus a built-in safety tip-over switch ensures added safety.

Beldray Climate Cube Heating and Cooling Functions Review

I love the addition of the 300 ml water tank. This means you can enjoy a refreshing personal breeze as air is drawn into the unit from the room, cooled and then pushed back out by the fan. The water is collected through a filter and the air is passed through it. This is just like having a bowl of ice in front of your fan.

Then if you get too cold you can turn the dial and activate the ceramic heating element. This will provide warmth and comfort on cold evenings.

There is an option to choose between two-speed settings for both cooling and heating control. So you can select the optimum rate of airflow for your personal space.

For complete comfort, the adjustable temperature control applies in Heating Mode, where you can select between 25°C and 35ºC for the airflow.

The Beldray Climate Cube is equipped with a fibreglass filter for high-quality air output. By following the instructions in the manual, this filter can be removed and rinsed under cold water.

Overall, no matter which personal space you wish to use the Beldray Climate Cube in, it will suit your needs.

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