Battle of the Titans: Google Pixel 8 vs. Pixel 8 Pro

Battle of the Titans: Google Pixel 8 vs. Pixel 8 Pro


The tech realm buzzes with excitement whenever Google releases new additions to its Pixel lineup. This time, the spotlight shines on the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, both unveiled on October 4, 2023, boasting the cutting-edge Google Tensor G3 chip. With both devices sitting at the pinnacle of smartphone innovation, the competition is fierce. This comparative review dives deep into various aspects including display, performance, camera capabilities, design, and battery life to discern which model claims the throne.

Battle of the Titans: Google Pixel 8 vs. Pixel 8 Pro


The digital window to our virtual world, the display, is where the Pixel 8 Pro makes its first mark. It flaunts a 6.7-inch display, a notable increase from the Pixel 8, offering users more screen estate for an immersive viewing experience. Besides the size, the Pixel 8 Pro edges out with a sharper pixel density of 489ppi and a resolution of 1344 x 2992px, against the Pixel 8’s 428ppi and 1080 x 2400px, ensuring crisp, clear visuals.

Winner: Pixel 8 Pro


Under the hood, both devices run on the formidable Google Tensor G3 chip, promising a robust performance. Yet, the Pixel 8 Pro races ahead with 12GB of RAM compared to the Pixel 8’s 8GB, paving the way for smoother multitasking and faster app launches.

Winner: Pixel 8 Pro


Shutterbugs are in for a treat with the Pixel 8 Pro’s camera arsenal. Housing a 48MP ultra-wide lens, it significantly outperforms the Pixel 8’s 12MP shooter. The cherry on top is the additional telephoto lens in the Pro variant, expanding the photographic horizons with enhanced zoom capabilities.

Winner: Pixel 8 Pro

Size and Design:

The aesthetic appeal is evenly matched with both models featuring smooth, rounded edges and a sleek design. The divergence lies in the size, where the Pixel 8 Pro’s larger frame might appeal to those favoring a hefty device, while the Pixel 8 caters to the compact design aficionados.

Winner: Draw


Fueling the devices for long hours, the Pixel 8 Pro houses a 5050mAh battery, outlasting the Pixel 8’s 4575mAh. This 10.38% extra battery juice is a boon for power users, ensuring the phone stays alive through heavy usage.

Winner: Pixel 8 Pro

Battle of the Titans: Google Pixel 8 vs. Pixel 8 Pro


The battle royal sees the Google Pixel 8 Pro emerging as the undisputed champion, excelling across most fronts. Its superior display, performance, camera prowess, and longer battery life are compelling arguments for its crown. However, the Pixel 8 isn’t far behind and could be a contender for those seeking a compact design. In the grand scheme, the choice boils down to personal preference and budget considerations. Yet, if the quest is for the crème de la crème, the Pixel 8 Pro is the clear victor in this duel.

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