Barista & Co House Single Origin Darker Roast Review

Barista & Co House Single Origin Darker Roast



The Barista & Co House Single Origin Darker Roast is a superstar roasted darker for the perfect espresso but equally as happy as a velvety filter. Colombia is synonymous with superb arabica coffee beans and this low acidity organic Colombian coffee does not break rank. The perfect dark roast coffee for espresso drinkers as well as for those who like their filter brew dark and creamy. Chocolate and vanilla, oh yeah it’s good!

Barista & Co House Single Origin Darker Roast Review
  • Country. Colombia
  • Tasting Notes. Milk Chocolate / Vanilla / Caramel
  • Process. Washed
  • Roast. Darker Espresso Roast
  • Brew Type. Espresso then Filter
  • Varietals. Arabigo / Colombia / Costilla
  • Region. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
  • Altitude. 1200 – 1800m

Barista & Co offer this house dark roast as a 1k bag of whole beans or a letterbox friendly 350g bag of whole beans or fresh ground coffee. Also, you’ll save 15% on their single-origin coffee beans when you become a subscriber.

The dark roasting gives the coffee a more pronounced smokey flavour which I don’t typically feel is a good match for making espresso. However, I have to say that I really warmed to this coffee very quickly and my family all made very positive comments about it (without being asked). In fact, these grounds are responsible for me going back to drinking black coffees in the afternoon, rather than using milk. I was sorry when I finished the bag and look forward to ordering again in the future.

Overall, the Barista & Co House Single Origin Darker Roast has a dark and creamy taste to it that I really fell in love with.

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