Bamigo Thomas Trainer Socks Review

Bamigo Thomas Trainer Socks



The Bamigo Thomas Trainer Socks are made using bamboo for incredible softness and exceptional wicking. Their bamboo trainer socks are perfect for everyday comfort and are the ideal socks for hitting the gym. Their breathability ensures a fresh feel throughout your workout.

I am a big fan of trainer socks. The main issue I seem to have is that they end up slipping down my foot. This is primarily owing to the quality of the sock and more specifically, the model and fit. A sock that doesn’t hug the contours of the foot is doomed to slip. A lot of brands do everything to achieve invisible trainer socks. These trainer socks are cut (too) short which considerably increases the likelihood of falling.

Bamigo Thomas Trainer Socks Review

Bamigo is dedicated to achieving the very best fit, which means a reinforced heel and toe. This does more than help you to keep your socks on, it also prolongs the lifespan. This means not being concerned with creating an invisible sock, but a good fitting sock. These non-slip trainer socks consist of 75% bamboo. Bamboo absorbs up to 70% more moisture than cotton. These comfortable bamboo trainer socks keep your feet feeling fresh throughout the day.

Bamigo Thomas Trainer Socks Review

These fit incredibly well. As I was worried the “snug” fit would be tight, but I didn’t notice any difference. I then decided to take these for a spin and did a couple of 3-hour walks. I found my feet were cooler than previous walks and also I was able to walk further as my feet wouldn’t hurt. This is probably due to the bamboo being more comfortable than heavier walking socks.

I have worn, washed and worn again the same pair of socks every day for a month, and they still haven’t shown any sign of being worn down. Also, I found that I was able to wear these around the house and it kept my feet at just the right temperature.

Overall, the Bamigo Thomas Trainer Socks are a must-have for anyone after trainer socks. The cool, comfortable material is perfect for walks or just around the house.

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