Backbone One for iPhone Review

Backbone One for iPhone



With the Backbone One for iPhone, you can transform your phone into the ultimate gaming console. Snap in your phone and play any game or service that supports controllers, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, or even stream directly from your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. No charging, no waiting for updates, no tedious setup. Uncover a new world of premium gaming in seconds.

I love that it has a rigid back plate supporting both sides of the controller. It is why I went for this one instead of the Razer Kishi which, by the looks of it, wobbles in certain use cases.

The layout of this controller is quite good. The buttons feel great, triggers are comfortable. The size of the controller is a bit of a hit-or-miss. My hands are not particularly big but I did find it rather difficult if not painful to get used to holding them. I play with an Xbox Series Controller for the most part on my Mac and have been playing with an Xbox360 controller for over a decade before that.

Backbone One for iPhone Review

Backbone One for iPhone Review

The backbone one definitely feels a tad small in comparison which is especially noticeable with the Right analogue stick. Because the stick is quite close to the edge of the hand grip, it forces me to bend my thumb just so I can control it. Took me about a week of getting used to and now I feel fine using it but keep in mind that the experience may be so uncomfortable that it will hurt.

The analogue sticks have very little travel to them in comparison to an Xbox controller. Only a bit more than the PSP had back in the day. Also, less resistance than a PSP so it can feel quite sensitive at first which, again, takes time to get used to. they are rubberised which is nice and my thumbs do not feel like they are going to slip.

I’ve been using it with GeForce NOW mainly and my experience has been great. The best part about the controller is just how easy it is to put on and off my phone. I use an iPhone XS and it fits perfectly. I thought it would take up more space in my backpack than a Razor Kishi would but to my surprise, it is quite compact.

Overall, I do recommend the Backbone One for iPhone. Just know that there will be an adjustment period if your hands fit a Large glove or larger and especially if you are used to an Xbox controller on top of that.

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